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    My name is Catherine Isobel Bennett, but everybody calls me Katie, and I'm 20. I have red hair and bright green eyes. I was rised as a only child by my single dad, Hugh James. I grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada and went to Washington University, Seattle, majoring in Photography.

    While you were in college, I met a very nice, kind boy that you fell in love with almost instantly. We start dating. His name is Adam Kiernan Hayes and he is from Modesto, California.

    Adam and I have been dating for 4 years, and he finally proposes. We get married 18 months later. My dress look like and the bridesmaid's dresses look like We honeymoon in Portugal.

    I come back from our honeymoon and start feeling funny. I finally find out I'm pregnant! It's time to move out of Adam's parent's basement. We settle down in Anaheim, California and our new house look like We're finally settled into our new home, and I finally have my babies! We name them Georgia Lucy & Harrison Jude.

    6 months later, I am just putting your child to bed when I get an urgent call from my brother-in-law. Adam's sister had just died in an accident, and he can't stay in his house any longer, as he can't pay the rent. I don't wanna leave him out on the street with his kids, so I let him stay with us, but only for a little bit. He has a little boy, age 4, Oliver Maxwell

    Another 5 months fly by. I'm pregnant again, but you've completely lost faith in your brother-in-law. He's lost his job, gotten into drugs, and become an aggressive alcoholic. I decide it'll be best if I adopt his children as my own. He agrees and signs the papers, and I check him into a rehab center. It takes his children some time to adjust, but I give them their own room and try my best to make them feel welcome. Another few weeks pass, and I get a call from the rehab center. I rush down there right away, but it's too late. My brother-in-law died from alcohol poisoning.

    A little bit after that, I have your twins, two girls. Their names are Brenda Carolyn & Barbara Gail.

    Our house has certainly grown too we move! We move to a house with 15 rooms, a large mansion in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

    We now have 2 year old, 8 month olds, and Oliver, our adopted children. Adam and I decide to try just one more time, I mean, what's one more kid in the house? We can't have all those guest rooms anyway! turned into 6. Three boys and three girls, their names are: Harry Spencer, Samantha Bay, Louie August, Charlie Roman, Chloe Blythe & Abigail June.

    I decide I are OFFICIALLY done having kids, having 11 biological kids less than 3 years apart, and my adopted son. How do you split up the rooms?
    1. Katie & Adam
    2. Georgia
    3. Harrison
    4. Oliver
    5. Brenda
    6. Barbara
    7. Harry
    8. Samantha
    9. Louie
    10. Charlie
    11. Chloe
    12. Abigail
    13. Guest
    14. Guest
    15. Library/Study
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    Me: Hattie Quinn Anderson
    Age: 20
    Black hair with brown eyes
    I grew up in Tuscan, Arizona with a family friends of my parents, Henry and Ellie Miller, after my parents died in a tragic car accident. My three sister Georgia Wren (17), Olive Faye (14), and Josie Blake (6). Poor Josie was only 1 when our parents passed she barely even remembers them.

    I attended California Berkley and studied law. Soon after starting school I met Stanley Nash Carson who is from Modesto, California.
    After 2 years of dating he proposed and tie the knot just 8 months later and honeymoon in Greece.
    I find out I'm pregnant and Stanley and I move to Aurora, Colorado. We soon welcome a boy Cooper Brooks Carson.
    I let my brother in law Rick move in with his daughter Sadie (3) after my sister Georgia died.
    We take in Sadie and soon after welcome twins Jethro and Rupert. We realize that house has become far to small so we relocate to Washington D.C!!!

    We try for one more and end up having six!!!
    DD: Abigail Bliss
    DS: Charlie Jasper
    DS: Barney Miles
    DD: Emma Jade
    DD: Sophia Vale
    DS: Gus Sebastian

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    Me: Jasmin Charlotte Purcell (Gray).

    Mother: Linda Catherine Gray (Boyle).
    Father: Dexter Joseph "Dax" Gray.
    - Sister: Hanna Ryan Campos (Gray).

    Home: Tucson, Arizona.
    College: Brown University.
    Major: English Literature.

    DH: Lewis Alexander Purcell.

    Lewis' Home: Jersey City, New Jersey.
    Lewis' Mother: Irene Elisabeth Purcell (Dolan).
    Lewis' Father: Jeffery John Purcell.

    Honeymoon: Greece.
    Home: Chicago, Illinois.

    1. Isabella Shiloh Purcell.

    Hanna's Husband: Santino William Campos.

    2. (A) Trace Daniel Campos.
    3. Tripp Carlisle Purcell.
    4. Princeton George Purcell.

    Home: Boston, Massachusetts.

    5. Desiree Hope Purcell.

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    Me: Ingrid Holden (20)
    - Blonde hair/Green eyes

    Mom: Eva Mary Holden
    - Sister: Olivia Holden Clinch (25)
    - North Hempstead, New York

    - College: Boston College. Major: English

    DH: James Anthony McAdam
    - Modesto, California

    Dress 6:
    Bridesmaid dress 2:
    Honeymoon: Italy

    Home: Chicago, Illinois

    DD: Belle Jolie McAdam

    Liv's husband: Mike Allan Clinch

    DAD: Matilda Eva Clinch

    DS/DD: Linus Finnian McAdam and Alva Gwynn McAdam

    Home: Boston, Massachusetts

    DD/DS/DS/DD/DD/DD: Grace Lark McAdam, Charlie Phineas McAdam, Jack August McAdam, Lily True McAdam, Ella Poe McAdam and Olivia Bliss McAdam

    You decide you are OFFICIALLY done having kids, having 9 biological kids less than 3 years apart, and your adopted children. How do you split up the rooms?
    1. Ingrid and James
    2. Belle
    3. Matilda
    4. Linus
    5. Alva
    6. Grace
    7. Charlie and Jack
    8. Ella
    9. Olivia
    10. Lily
    11. Guest
    12. Guest
    13. Study
    14. Playroom
    15. Library

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