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    I can't imagine

    using any name without hesitation b/c I am so into names!

    I do love Davenport for a male and Harvest for a female, but would use them probably as middle names.

    I am far bolder with middles!

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    Oh yes!

    Quote Originally Posted by vasilisa View Post
    All the names I would actually use are unusual. I don't really understand the concept of being "brave enough" to use a name. What is there to be afraid of, except the possibility that some people will disapprove? I don't care for the names a lot of people pick out, but they don't need my approval and I don't need theirs. (Sloane? Mackenzie? Addison? To me these are just plain baffling.)

    So: Erasmus for a boy, Ondine for a girl. The only person whose approval I care about is my husband, and he likes them both.
    We need more Erasmus and Ondine babies and fewer Sloanes! I too am baffled with the Sloane/Mackenzie/Addison thing.

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    Mine would be Hezekiah for a boy, and Liesel for a girl.
    I adore these names, but they are definitely too uncommon where I live, for my family and friends to accept. But then again, DH does love them too, so you never know!
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    I would definitely use Octavius for a boy and Mirabelle for a girl.
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    My favorite 'unusual' names that would definitely make my list would be.... Elowen, Clementine, Apolline & Holiday and possibly Silence.
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