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    What name(s) would be your Valentine?

    I got to thinking last night about the certain names that I am just completely in love with. Whether they are recent name crushes, or long time loves, or even your own kids' names, what names would be your Valentine and why?

    One of mine, is Sage.

    Sage is the perfect middle name to me. It softens a boy name, and spices up a girls name. Sage is one of my all time favorites, and I'm determined to use it as a middle for one of my kids.

    My other name valentine, would be Jubilee. I know it doesn't get much love on Nameberry. I can't really blame Berries though, because I loathed it at first too. Back in August, a baby girl in my town was named Jubilee, to match her brother's biblical name. I was floored. I couldn't believe they would use that name. As the months went by though, and I saw this little girl's face on social media, and it was growing on me. And now the little girl is six months old, and I think no other name would have suited her but Jubilee. And that is the story of how Jubilee became my Valentine!

    I can't wait to see your name Valentines, and hear the stories of how you and your favorite names came to be
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    My fave names don't really have as interesting origins as yours! I like a lot of my fave names because I've read a lot of books and listened to a lot of audio tapes, and I usually end up getting ideas from characters' names. Caspian Indigo Edmund, is one of my fave combos made entirely of names inspired by fictional characters, and the same goes for Lyra, Jessamine, Phoenix (although this was a real phoenix), Sylas (but spelt the normal way) and Fabian. I don't really know why I like Pandora, although I do also love Greek mythology, so it probably stems from that. My love for Nyla, has kind of got a story behind it, as it was my mum first introduced me to it. Apparently she had a friend called Nyla when she was younger, and she (my mum) said was going to name her future daughter after. That didn't happen, (my dad named me), but I liked the name from the beginning, and really wanted to use it after I heard why she liked it, if only as a mn!
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    What a lovely idea! Felix is my Valentine.

    I think I pronounce it differently than most berries, the European way (E in Felix is like A in cat), but I love how it sounds in English-speaking countries, too.

    Felix is a rare name in Russia, but it's not obscure. Actually, it's an aristocratic name used by royal families back in the 19th century. I think I first heard the name Felix when I went to the Yusupov palace for the first time. The Yusupovs was a Russian noble family and the last surviving prince's name was Felix.
    I think I was influenced by his famous picture that I saw in the palace. He was handsome!
    He probably isn't the best namesake, though. Felix Yusupov is believed to be the one who organized the killing of Rasputin. He and his friends thought Rasputin was dangerous for Tsar Nicholas II and decided there's no other way to save him. Yusupov's best friend (and arguably lover) Oswald Rayner was most likely the one who actually shot Rasputin.
    Rasputin used to say that if he dies, the Russian monarchy would fall. He was right. When the February Revolution started, Felix escaped from Russian Empire. He later lived in Paris and died at the age of 80.

    When I heard the name Felix for the first time I thought it was cool, but I didn't fall in love with it right away. It was growing on me for years and now I think I can't love it stronger! It makes me think of tall slim handsome men in tuxedos, bright eyes, aristocracy and visual art. If I had to describe it in one word, I'd say "fresh". It also makes me think of wind and ocean.

    I think Felix is a perfect fits for my future baby. It's international, used in almost all the countries I'd love to live in for some time and would be easily spelled and pronounced when we travel. It's also known in Russia so we don't have any problems with my Russian friends and relatives. It's short enough so we don't have to use any nicknames. It's perfect.
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    I love love love hearing Name Stories

    @myosotis Pandora is a recent name crush for me. I think it might be the popularity of the bracelet? And I actually know a teenage girl named Nyla. Her siblings are Liam and Taryn, and I think it's the cutest sibset! Their mother did good as far as names go.

    @polina, I actually did quite a bit of research on the last Tsar of Russia, so I know exactly what you're talking about! I've never heard Felix pronounced the European way, but it's quite interesting, and I'd love to meet a little Felix.
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    For a girl, I'd have to say Calliope, which I would also probably not bestow upon a child. It's also fun to say, obviously, and I have to confess that I have an obsession with music boxes, so of course I'm attracted to the name of the music they play on a carousel.
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