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    Haha, the husband stories crack me up!
    I'm 31 weeks today. I had a second hospital visit scheduled so I could have a backup if my first choice is full when I start labor, but hubby took forever getting ready and we would have been super late, so I'm going to have to reschedule that tour.

    We went garage saling instead and I met a lady who is due next week who looks less pregnant than I do. I've still only gained 10 pounds overall, and I can tell that I've lost some chubbiness in my love handles, back, and arms. It must have all gone to my belly!

    GD monitoring is going well, all my numbers have been below target, and I haven't really changed my diet at all except for actually ADDING a snack before bed, so I'm hoping that I can avoid getting a GD diagnosis, and maybe they'll just keep having me monitor my level when I first wake up, since all my post-meal numbers have been well below the target.

    I will say, going through the hyperemesis gravidarum and GD monitoring has given me a new level of empathy for people with chronic GI problems and those living with diabetes.
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    @moonkai - any good finds at the garage sales? And I am glad to know your levels are looking on target. That's great news! How much longer do you have to monitor?

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    @moonkai, what is with the husbands taking forever to get ready? I also had appointments today and he took SO long to get ready. You'd think they are plucking individual hairs from their faces or something!

    Long story short, after finding out it was quote - 'definitely a girl', (from this professor who sounded unsure but didn't admit it) I had 3 ultrasounds with 3 different people today (it's alot huh!) And I got an 'I THINK it's a girl' , 'It looks like a boy but cant be sure' and an 'it looks like a girl but can't tell because the baby is in a weird position'. I'm pretty pissed right now to say the least! I know these things happen but really???
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    @jessieo - that is super frustrating! I would be upset too.

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    Hello everyone! I just got back from a vacation in the Black Hills. Last week I had my GD ultrasound and baby is looking great! He's in the 60 percentile for weight and heart is good. They don't worry unless they measure 90 percentile or higher so we're in the clear at the moment. I'm really happy.

    @jtucker congrats on the class I hope it goes well!

    @Moonkai I'm really happy the snack worked!

    @angelicainc I LOVE Alexander Gabriel!
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