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    @angelicainc Alexander Gabriel is very handsome.

    @Moonkai o0o0o blackberries are awesome. Nothing beats local produce. It has been Jersey Corn & Tomato season here, nothing beats it.

    So I went to the Motherhood Maternity store near me today, I hate it because I feel like maternity clothes are so over priced, especially for the short period of time we wear them. I got measure for new bras and good thing! I went from a 34DD pre-pregnancy to a 38E, yikes! I couldn't believe my ribs expanded as much as they did. I knew my bras were getting a little uncomfortable and thought I might be in a 36 but did not expect 38, and an E. So I ended up getting a full coverage, a demi, a seamless-so comfy & the woman and the store suggest I start sleeping in one, and another larger nursing one to grow into.

    As for the birth classes, there is a woman that my doc recommends and she does 1 day or weekend classes and even private classes for a couple we are going to check out. I love my ob, her philosophy is definitely more of a midwife than a typical American ob, so if she recommends this woman I know it'll be the right class.
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    I can't believe it... 33 days (or less) to go!
    Where has that time gone?
    I'm suddenly feeling a sense of panic- I still have some special projects to complete before little Miss arrives- and not just for my little one either- a friend is due 18 days after me and I want to make a few bits n pieces for her baby shower.
    I made an awesome butterfly mobile for my bub- and my friend loved it. My plan is to make her one in the colours of her little man's nursery which has a woodland theme. She thought butterflies were ideal for this theme. I'm thinking of using some papers I have already- a patterned mint colour, charcoal glitter, silver glitter, a green/red and yellow mushroom patterned paper, a brick red and a light taupe tone. The glitter papers look cool as they catch the light. Each mobile takes me nearly 3 hrs to make- luckily for her I am feeling generous with my time! I bought him a few items, and am going to knit him a teddy bear ears beanie.
    In the meantime, I have nearly finished a cute striped jumper in pink, cream and purple. Next project for my little lady is to try my hand at crocheting her a teddy bear ear hat too, plus some of those crochet headbands with crochet flowers. Then, time permitting... a summer top. I have also found the cutest pattern for a scrap fabric skirt- which I would like for summer here. Sadly, none of my scrap fabric is inspiring me so I will need to buy some to suit. I am thinking of 'sunset' colours- varied shades of pinks, reds, yellows and peaches with some white in the mix to cool them down a little. If my plan come to fruition I will use some scrap fabrics to add flowers to a plain white t-shirt to make an outfit. But there are only 33 days to do all this... plus normal life!!!

    Hope everyone is well and looking forward to their new arrivals.

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    Sounds like you have a full plate, Emilia! 39 days left for me (til the due date at least!) and I am starting to get anxious, too. Today I washed all of the baby clothes I have and tomorrow I'll have to put them back in the dresser (waaay too exhausted to do it tonight!) I also want to start putting the hospital bag(s) together, although obviously last minute things like phones and stuff won't go in haha. But I do want to buy some comfy nighties and travel toiletries and at least start packing that stuff! Starting to get a little freaked out that it's happening so soon. I'm so excited, but now also starting to feel overwhelmed at the idea of having a tiny human under my responsibility... yikes!
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    @katie - I was just going to ask if they will measure you at Motherhood maternity, but you had already answered my question. Thanks.
    I will have to get over there soon, but I have a two hour drive to go there, yuck.

    @emiliaj - wow! You sound very busy! The mobiles sound really cute.

    Well, I had a little bit of nesting today. I cleaned out my hubby's clothes closet. He has so many clothes, and he doesn't even wear a fourth of them, so I just started cleaning it out. Tomorrow is regular house cleaning, and we will see what else I get myself into. Maybe I'll tackle my side of the clothes in the closet, luckily I have a whole lot less clothing than he does to go thru.

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    Emilia - Sounds awesome! I'm pretty good at origami - I'd never though of making paper mobiles

    So I went to Motherhood Maternity today, and they didn't have any sizes larger than F (**sighs**), and the 38F I tried on was too small in the cup. I even went to Nordstrom after and THEY didn't have any cup sizes big enough, but I did end up getting a pretty comfy sports nursing bra there. I guess my next step is Cacique. Their website has wire-free bras, and I think that's what I really need to end the torment!

    I had another frantic nesting spree the last 2 days - I rearranged our bedroom the way I want it for when baby comes - I had to move the bed to a different position in order for the cosleeper crib to fit alongside it on my side of the bed. So I also had to move the dressers around, and I also moved another dresser in to store baby things. Now I just have to tackle the office and the rest of the basement. Especially the basement, because I'm going to set up a temporary bedroom for my mother there when she visits.
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