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    I definitely need to get some new bras soon! I got a gift card to Destination Maternity for my birthday, so I'm definitely going to go there and do some bra shopping... I'm too scared to buy any that aren't really stretchy since I have no idea how much bigger my boobs are going to get once my milk comes in. I honestly feel like my cup size hasn't changed at all since I got pregnant, but I am on the loosest hook and still being squished, so I definitely think I've gone from a 36C to at least a 38C... dang ribs expanding.

    I just got home from a quick appointment; I think they were all confused as to why I was back again only 2 weeks later instead of 4 haha. Well, when I almost passed out at the last appointment, my nurse asked if I wanted to come back in 2 weeks, so I said sure! Anyway, everything is good and I THINK I might be slowing down growth-wise, as every appointment I've been measuring 1 week ahead, but today I was only half a week ahead. Also, the nurse said his head is nice and low, so that's reassuring. I just need him to stay there! I'll be going back in 2 weeks for my 36 week appointment (OMG!)... can't believe this is all almost over!
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    @Moonkai have you tried having a small snack (15-30 carbs) before bed? That can help lower blood sugars in the morning.

    @julylacs it's getting so close!

    I go in for a measurement ultrasound tomorrow so they can decide how early to induce me because of the gestational diabetes. Fingers crossed he isn't too big!
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    @lookingahead the nurse suggested a snack but I wasn't sure what I should eat. 15-30 is a good suggestion - I'll try it! Like I said, I only need my numbers to go from like 95-100 to low 90s. still not sure if i have an official GD diagnosis or not...

    Good luck at your appointment! On the bright side, I read that having GD means you are much less likely to have a low birth weight baby, which is good!
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    Well today is the first day back to teaching college students. I'm excited and hope that it goes well.

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    Good luck jtucker! I am sure it will go great!

    I can't believe some of us are getting so close! I also second the Motherhood Maternity store for bras, which I think Destination Maternity is the same? I had to buy new bras at like 14 weeks because my boobs grew so much, I just went ahead and bought nursing bras to be prepared. I did leave a little room for my milk to come in, but really during nursing my last one, I used sports bras or stretchy bras not underwire.

    So I think that we have narrowed down the name, we are still thinking and looking, but the front runner is Alexander Gabriel. My son's name is Nicolas Joseph, BF has a daughter named Tatiana Renee and son Kai Santiago. I am really liking it and like the nn Xander. How do you think that fits in? Any suggestions?

    think all of you have chosen great names so far! @lookingahead my favorite from your list is Sebastian (my beloved godson's name) with Atticus a close second. @katie I think Apollo is super cool!

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