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    I love it when people pull faces at much loved names... NOT.
    I am particularly partial to Atticus- perhaps she was thinking he meant Anakin? Now that's cool too.
    Sebastian is lovely- after the Never Ending Story films I always liked the NN Bastain, or even just Bas. That said, it is a long name to learn to write- I taught a Sebastian once.
    Better come up with some REALLY weird ones for your son to tell grandma... that'd be a laugh.

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    @lookingahead - that's so silly that they thought those names were from Star Wars. And for the record I think both names are lovely. I especially adore Atticus.

    Well ladies I made it through the family remembrance night and the funeral. It was a tough few days, it was even harder to see my DH crying because he is not one to get very emotional. Thank you all for your support an thoughts!

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    Thanks for the bra input ladies. I think I have gone up to a DDD now but I need to get measured. I'm glad to hear that you can find properly sized bras as I haven't seen any yet. I guess I just haven't looked enough but I definitely think its time.

    @lookingahead LOL to naming him out of spite, it sounds like something I would say. That is precisely why DH and I aren't telling anyone we know about the names we were thinking of, or chose. I know we would get judgmental comments and faces, especially since our choices were a bit more out of the box, and Apollo is such strong choice. I agree with the others that I am partial to Atticus. I taught an Anakin actually, the kids in the middle school didn't seem to get the reference, or at least I didn't hear them mention it.
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    Yeah we haven't been telling people for that reason. Unfortunately they seem to have gotten smart and started asking the 5 year old. What they don't realize is that these aren't names he picked out. I'm partial to Atticus and Sebastian. DH loves Emrys. We'll see when he's born

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    Yeah, I started at a 38DDD and now I'm a 38F (apparently we've got some busty ladies in this thread!). Oi vey. I got a few new bras at Cacique which are pretty comfortable, but sometimes I can't find them haha. I'm not sure when I'll start looking for nursing bras. There's a Motherhood Maternity fairly close to me in the mall so maybe I'll make a trip there soon.

    So my fasting levels have been slightly elevated in the mornings (just under or over 100), but all the other readings are well within normal, so I just have to figure out if there's anything I can do to naturally lower the fasting. I just took my level after a 4 hour nap and it was 79 - so it must be going up in the last 4-6 hours that I'm sleeping. Urgh. Maybe I'll try waking up after 4-5 hours and having a snack? I'm frustrated and I really don't want to be put on insulin. I just feel like the more interventions I need pre-delivery, the more likely they'll be to push me into not having a natural birth. My sister had this exact same issue with all 3 of her kids and she gave birth to them naturally just fine. Sorry to vent, I just feel so overwhelmed by all this. I ended up sobbing on the phone to some poor nurse earlier today. It also doesn't help that my regular OBGYN is on vacation, so random doctors who don't really know my pregnancy journey are just making evaluations based on whatever the heck is in my chart.
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