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    @Moonkai how early? We are definitely taking baby camping next summer. I wouldn't go in the first three months, but after that it would be alright. I'm glad they worked out a different way to test the GD.

    @julylacs good luck with your timing! It will be interesting to watch it unfold.

    So I fell today at work. Thankfully it was more like a slide to the ground taken mostly by my knee. I called the Dr and they said I just have to monitor, but should be ok. Man am I sore though! I'm just glad I was able to control the dissent a bit.

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    @lookingahead - scary! I'm sure you'll be fine, but I totally get the terror - ouch. Hope you feel better soon.

    Does anyone else just want to rip their bra off at the end of the day? Yeesh, It feels like a torture device after many hours. But when I go braless, all the weight from my boobs AND my belly ends up pulling hard on my back, which is also uncomfortable. I think maybe I need to invest in a really good, comfortable sports bra
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    @katieree - I don't think it matters that the name is a little L heavy, it's very handsome!

    @lookingahead - Ouch! Glad the fall wasn't worse, I nearly slipped off a step 2 days ago and gave some nearby people heart attacks! Whoops.

    @ jtucker - I just love Alice! It's never been on my list however as I know a couple of Alices

    @moonkai - I hate my bras aswell so much! But yes need to keep the boobs behaving, they are SO big. My husband tried it on other day after I threw it off... He got all stressed out that he couldn't breathe . Welcome to my world buddy LOL.
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    @jessieo - thanks! My husband's top pick is Alice. And I like it a lot too. It'll be tough to narrow it down, but we still have a few more months. And if we can't decide we will take all three choices to the hospital.

    @lookingahead - I would be scared if I fell, thank goodness you and baby are alright!

    Well, we got bad news this morning. My DH's cousin died last night in a car wreck. When my husband and I were in high school and DH had his permit his cousin would come with us on our dates. We will miss him.

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    @ Moonkai Glad you found an alternative! and ditto on the bra thing.

    @Julylacs I can definitely see how your situation is stressful, I would be too if there was a chance DH wouldn't be there.

    @Jtucker Sorry to hear about DH's cousin.

    @Lookingahead Glad to hear the fall wasn't too bad. Take a nice soak in an epsom salt bath for the soreness. It works wonders!

    On a personal note, I have decided to apply to be an adjunct professor for online education. I always thought about teaching at the college level but never made the steps towards it before. With little man on the way, I think being able to teach a couple online classes would be a great way to bring in money and be home with him.

    Apollo's kicks are definitely getting stronger and I am starting to notice his sleep pattern. It is so weird/cool to see my belly move!
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