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    @frobskottle love your names! Casper is awesome and I love Celeste though I could never get DH to go for it when we were still looking at girls names. Also, you and your hubby sound like you have amazing jobs! What did your Dr/midwife tell you about spacing your iron supplement with your prenatal vitamin? I'm slightly anemic too and honestly having a tough time working out when to take them both.

    Woo hoo Moonkai! More happy tests!

    @katie that completely sucks! The flu while pregnant is just awful

    DH wants the three of us to get together and do a pregnancy photo so when the kids all graduate from high school there will be a fun photo for their senior slide shows.
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    So I have to go back in for a 3-hr GD screening because my initial 1-hour test was "elevated - 142, which doesn't even seem very high to me - I looked at the American Diabetes Associtation rubric for the 1 hour test and their re-screening criteria is 180 or I find it kinda of BS that I have to re-do it. I also called and told them I need a different option because there's no way in hell I can fast for 12 hours prior, drink a huge amount of syrupy lime-flavored liquid, and then not puke it up within the three hours. If all I have in my stomache are liquids I'm almost guaranteed to throw up.

    Secondly, my red blood cell, hemostat, and hemocrit values on my metabolic panel were below the normal range and my doctor hasn't called me to talk about that - I looked it up and it seems like it means i'm probably anemic? Ugh.

    A few of my other values were low as well (potassium, albumin, BUN, and maybe one other), but that seems from what i've read that it could be from dehydration?
    Am I just stressing myself out? I feel like it isn't too much to ask for my doctor's office to call and explain all these abnormal results. I can't bear the thought of anything else being wrong with me right now, and I'm feeling extremely depressed.
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    I had a little scare this week. My blood pressure was all over the shop and I ended up in the maternal assessment unit being monitored. Luckily it settled down and I don't need medication at this point. They did about a million zillion tests on me- which all came out normal thankfully.
    On a plus note: our pram arrived! My DD was so excited she ripped the box open and assembled it. I confess to having a little "MY PRAM" moment (think Lord of the Rings... MY PRECIOUS), but then thought "Hey, sure beats me getting on the floor doing it." I put in an order for a pram liner the other day too- so it will look all cute and funky.
    As the days pass I am starting to feel uber pregnant. Things are harder to reach on the floor, comfortable sleeping positions elude me at times, she jumps on my bladder in such a way that makes me need to pee 10 minutes after I last pee, and I'm just generally more tired. Mostly I am feeling extremely blessed and content to be pregnant after our 2 year struggle to conceive this baby girl.
    I am doing a short series of hydrotherapy sessions once a week- and I'm LOVING the weightlessness in water.
    We've mostly decided to commit to Phoebe as her name. At this stage we still have Rose or Eloise as the other top 2, so you never know she may just look more like one of those.
    I now have 47 days or less before our little Miss arrives. The specialist refused to let me try a VBACC, so I'm booked for an elective caesarean on 26 September. Unless I become unwell (eg my BP) or she decides to evict herself before that date. Technically I am now no long in the "Babies Due October-December 2014" timeframe! I wonder when she will arrive?

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    That's so exciting that you have a date, Emilia! Ahh! And glad that everything settled down after your scare. I completely understand the feeling really pregnant. I told my husband last night that I'm tired of being pregnant. I'm glad that I am, don't get me wrong, but I want my body back even though it won't be the same as it was.

    Tomorrow is our "childbirth prep" class at the hospital on base, which includes a tour of labor & delivery. I'm looking forward to it, but it's going to last pretty much all day, ugh.

    And my aunt is begging me for a belly photo and I'm just not feeling it anymore! I feel massive. No one needs to see this.
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    @moonkai - I agree with you that your doctor's office needs to call you and explain the results. Hopefully they will discuss it with you and set your mind at ease.

    Well, now DH and I have brought our top five names for this little girl down to our top three contenders.

    They are (in no particular order)


    Middle name will Mae, Hazel or Sue to honor family. Right now we are really leaning toward's Mae as a middle. Thoughts or opinions on the three contenders of Melanie, Alice and Ivy?

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