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    Ok, so I forgot to mention that I got awesome news today. I think I told you all that my second youngest sister is due October 24 with my first niece. Today I found out that my other sister is pregnant too. So my dad has all three of his kids expecting at once and my mom has 3 of her 4 kids expecting (my youngest sister is 10 so hopefully she's years off from this).

    I'm so excited!
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    @lookingahead - Oooh how fun!

    Only one of my extra tests came back so far - thyroid function is perfect, which is actually really good to know since hypothyroidism runs in my family. Still waiting on the rest - fingers crossed!
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    I cant believe all those babies in the family at the same time, how amazing! Both my sisters are getting married next year so im hoping there will be cousins on the way too soon. My husbands brother and his wife have sadly been trying for two years now with no success so praying fof them too.
    Think we are going very c heavy with our names. Think we're looking at casper charles for a boy, charles is family name on his side and has links to a wild animal vet, and lindeburg and hubby ix a pilot.
    Just funny as our girls name is definitely clementine celeste! Maybe we wont continue this fot a second child im not sure, I imagine favourites change by then. Hubby now reallywants aboy but only because he really likes the name casper!
    its so nice toread about everyone's experiences. I have anaemia and low platelets. No one is worried about the anaemia but if the platelets keep getting lower I may need a transfusion or a c-section im trying to rest but I'm not good at it!
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    @Lookingahead How fun! Our siblings probably aren't haven't kids for a few years.

    @Frobskottle Lovely names.

    Well I mentioned a couple people at work were sick, they passed it onto me. I have been having intestinal issues all last night and this morning and I am taking a sick day today from work. Ugh I haven't been sick like this in a while its not fun. Just trying to make sure I don't get dehydrated. Drinking ginger tea now, nice and soothing and it's an unusually cool summer day here in NJ so I may sit outside for a bit its so beautiful.
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    @lookingahead - how exciting that you all are expecting!
    It's nice to have cousins who are close in age. My brother and my husband's brothers won't be having children for a while. Luckily, my DH's cousin and her husband have a 2 year old and a 9 month old, so they will have cousins to play with. In both our families we will probably be done having kids by the time they decide to have babies.

    @katie - so sorry to hear you got sick.
    Hopefully it's one of the 24 hour bugs. Glad that you are staying hydrated and relaxing. I have been sick twice this pregnancy. With fall coming up I'm a little nervous about getting sick as I teach college students. Will have to make certain they know if they are sick they should not come to class. Get better soon.

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