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    @vec - congrats on the boy!

    @grimm - ugh, how awful to put an infant in a onesie that says panty dropper. Some people are a little crazy. On a positive note, the tie dye onesie thing sounds really awesome.

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    Welcome to the boys team Vec!

    To all those moms of boys with the gender specific clothing issues, I agree! That is why DH and I decided to wait to tell people what we're having. Although we wanted to know, we didn't want to be bombarded with gender specific clothing at the shower instead of the things we really need. I really don't like pink and bows and hearts and things for girls, and neither of us are sports/trucks people either. I know we are bound to get things once people know we are having a boy, especially since most of my family is sports crazed, but they will be lightly if ever used and it'll be nice to know the baby will always have clean clothes!
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    Congrats, vec!

    I have so many clothes now for baby that I doubt he'll even need to wear the few "objectionable" items, lol.

    Went to an awesome baby/kid's consignment store today where all of the clothes ranged from $.62 - $2.50 per piece. AWESOME, plus I got a Boppy pillow with 2 slipcovers for $20. Score! Between this trip and Goodwill the other day I **might** have overdone it a bit.

    So I think I actually might have everything I need for baby! Now I just need to pack a hospital bag and re-arrange our bedroom. We were going to paint the office/nursery/craft room, but seeing as I have no idea how long we'll be here and it's going to be a huge pain, I think we're going to skip it and I'll just buy some wall hangings to cover some of the ugly up, haha.

    Puking a lot lately so I'm going back to taking Zofran regularly, which I hate because of the side effects, but I suppose it is a necessary evil. I better pass my glucose tolerance test, I can't even contemplate having GD AND HG.
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    I am on the couch today as my husband gave me his cold. I didn't sleep at all hardly last night and am going to try to make up for it today.

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    Don't really know how to join this, but I'm 27 weeks pregnant, my due date is 4th November, 2014 (coincidentally the day my hubby and I first met, 5 years ago- couldn't believe it) and I'm expecting a boy! It is my first child and I have been with my husband a year and a half.

    Can't believe I only just found this thread now. All I want to do is discuss babies, but at age 23 I feel like I can't bombard my friends with it all! Can't wait to start antenatal classes in a month to hopefully make some mummy friends.

    Its hard to say how long we were TTC for. I stopped taking BC in early Oct and conceived sometime in mid-Feb. I found out on 27th Feb, when my period was 3 days late. I had been waiting for a late period since I came off the pill, and broke out some of the tests I had been stocking up on- I couldn't wait any longer. I always thought that my body would take time to adjust to being off the pill and I was probably right. We were having unprotected sex for 5 months (so I guess thats how long we were trying for), but I was sure I wouldn't be able to get pregnant for the first 3 ovulation cycles after stopping BC. We left time after the wedding before coming off BC after getting married to make sure I did at LEAST a year in my new job before getting pregnant (and time to save up after the wedding). I had only told my best friend (long term best friend who I tell everything) that I came off BC and she was over the moon. She knows I've been broody for years and we were both ready for a baby.

    Not really something that a lot of people do in the UK, but I had a baby shower and gender reveal about 6 weeks ago now. I made an online registry with EVERYTHING I felt like I might need/want (minus gender obvious things like certain bedding and clothes, apart from a few white basics) and I received a great amount of that, quite unexpectedly. Felt very blessed and spoilt! I feel like that was a good way to go about it because I am so fussy with clothes, so now I can buy them all in my own time (which I have already started doing! Haven't gone too crazy, I particularly enjoy a good bargain).

    Maternity leave starts in about a month & I'm very excited. Hope all is going well for everyone else! Sorry for the long post, but its all so new and exciting to me!
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