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    @Katie, I originally didn't want to find out. I liked the idea of a surprise. Unfortunately, my husband wanted to know ASAP and I didn't feel like getting into a quarrel about it! It turned out that by the time the scan came around, I was dying to know anyway. I'd still like to have my surprise someday, though... maybe next baby (if we are so blessed).

    Also, boy names were HARD! My husband and I had two very different tastes. I liked Judah, Elias, Silas, Flynn, and William. He liked Zach, Brian, Michael and a bunch of other names that he said his cousins "stole" (they are his cousins' actual names LOL) and I am really happy I avoided having to pick one of his names hahaha. We agreed on Calvin, but that fell through for various reasons. I actually never even considered the name we decided on (Jameson), but my husband liked it so much I had to get over my unease of using it because I know ONE(!) person who has used it and I will never even see this person again (we met at our previous duty station). I do really love the name, and I am excited to use it now.
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    @emiliaj and jessicaflux - congrats on your little ladies!

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    Ahhh! I can't wait to find out the gender of our little Beastie. I've just barely started feeling faint little flutters and I am definitely showing now - my mom swears my baby bump has emerged during the last week I've been here in FL (although she said - are you sure you're not having twins? Thanks, mom...I wish!!!)
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    We will find out on the 16th of June. I'm dying to know. I have an appointment with my ob tomorrow and a small part of me wants her to decide to look then even though hubby won't be there and he'd be unhappy if I found out without him.
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    I am due Oct. 19th with baby #2! We have a little girl Caroline and find out the sex of this baby on MONDAY!! woo!!!

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