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    @Katie I have been emotional, too. I cry at the most RANDOM things! I'm in South Carolina right now visiting family and we all attended my niece's dance recital yesterday. One of the dances was set to a song from The Prince of Egypt movie and I wept openly just because I love that movie so much. Embarrassing!

    Happy Mother's Day to you all!
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    About the crying... me too!
    I read somewhere that you can't be pregnant and have a sense of humour at the same time- true for me too!
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    I'm new to this thread. I'm due on November 15, 20114, which makes me 13 weeks! Just wondering if anyone else is burping as much as me?! I cannot stop and I never seem to get any relief from in. I always feel like there is air trapped in my belly. Can anyone suggest anything that might help? Thanks!

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    @jillianelizabeth - congrats on the pregnancy and welcome to the thread!
    I am almost 12 weeks, but have not had any issues with burping, so I'm not any help in that area.

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    @jillianelizabeth - I'm 16 weeks now, and I am burping quite a lot. I physically massage my upper abdomen or lay on my stomach (won't be able to do that for much longer, though!) a lot and that seems to do pretty well in untrapping the air.

    This is an article which includes a list of gas-inducing foods. Unfortunately a lot of these foods are all I've been able to keep down, so I'm doomed to be gassy and burpy until my morning sickness goes away, but reducing your intake of these might help.

    On a VERY awesome note, I still haven't puked, which means it has been a full week of no throwing up! I've even reduced the amount of Zofran down to 8m per day vs. 16 or even 24 before. I'm still getting bouts of nausea and the occasional dry heave, but I hope things are looking up and that it's not just lack of stress coupled with abundant rest. For now, I'm just enjoying it!

    Spent Mother's day with my mom, grandparents, and aunts. Apparently all my aunts and cousins who were sick had girls and all the aunts and cousins who weren't had boys, with zero exceptions. So obviously they're all convinced that little beastie's a girl. My aunt also did the Chinese gender predictor and it said girl. We'll find out soon enough.

    At this point I'd be a little bit relieved to be having a girl because I have the names a lot more solid for girls right now, haha
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