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    Jul 2013
    Great to see all these new moms added to the group. Is there a way to put their names on the first post in the list of due dates?
    My due date is Nov 28, 2014 so far.

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    Jul 2013
    Ha we have the same due date Nov 28th funny. Exciting. Is this your first? Its my 3rd unless there's twins, ya never know.

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    I have my first real apt to estimate my due date as of now Nov 9th. I am getting excited!!!I'm feeling things that I never felt with our angel baby. I'm nervous but so iver joyed, that im crying lol I can't wait to meet this little one.
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    almost at scan date can't wait!!

    I am booked in for my first scan on April 10th, feels like ages but only 2 weeks now. I really can't wait to tell people. One of my best friends announced the other day they are due their second baby on October 5th and I just really want to tell her but know I can't!! Have decided to tell my husbands best friend on Monday as he's on holiday from Nigeria...can't believe we'll tell them before our parents, even the thought of telling anyone makes me giddy with excitment!
    Congrats to everyone here.

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    @jodipenny - another November 28th! This is my first one. My DH and I are really excited!
    So, since you have had a baby, any advice?

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