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    Babies Due October-December 2014

    Welcome to our forum for mothers due from October-December.

    Soon-to-be mothers and their due dates...

    chelsy - It's a girl! Lakelin Grace was born on September 11!
    emiliaj - It's a girl! Phoebe Eliza Grace was born on September 15!
    lookingahead - It's a boy! Emrys Atticus was born on October 2!
    esquared - It's a boy! Gus Edward was born on October 6!
    teachermrst - It's a boy! Theodore was born on October 6!
    jessicaflux - It's a girl! Luna Iris was born on October 11!
    julylacs - It's a boy! Jameson Lewis was born on October 11!
    maygirl - It's a girl! Adelaide Marie Claire was born on October 12!
    ilovenames89 - It's a girl! Murron Lydia Genevieve was born on October 20!
    frobskottle - It's a boy! Casper Dennis Vaughan was born on October 22!
    4815162342 -It's a girl! Elke Willow was born on October 24!
    cristinamarie - It's a girl! Luna Camille was born on October 27!
    moonkai - It's a boy! Sequoia Orion was born on November 8!
    mandy92 - It's a boy! Russell Paul was born November 16!
    lerenard - It's a girl! Beatrix Plum was born November 21!
    ashlie1214 - It's a girl! Aria Claire was born November 24!
    devonnw85 - It's a girl! Mila Rosemary was born November 25!
    jessieo - It's a boy! Arthur Genki was born November 25!
    jtucker - It's a girl! Isla Mae was born November 25!
    angelicainc - It's a boy! Alexander Estevan was born December 3!
    katierre - It's a boy! Apollo Alan was born December 9!

    jdouglas - October 14
    abbymac - October 16
    molly20 - October 19
    lplafleur - October 27
    newmummyhmg - boy due November 4
    lindyp - Boy due November 11
    mandy92 - Boy due November 12
    jillianelizabeth - November 13
    allielle_731 - Boy due November 17
    jessio - Boy due November 22
    emaline614 - November 23
    ashlie1214 - girl due November 24
    diamondgreen - girl due November 27
    jodipenny - November 28
    jtucker - girl due November 24
    mamatomx2 - November 28
    devonnw85 - girl due on November 27
    katieree331 - boy due December 10
    anotherjessicaann- December 9
    vec1013 - boy due December 9
    grimm - boy due December 9
    lerenard - girl due December 12
    nwwoodsymom - December 14
    silver06 - December 14
    angelicainc - boy due December 19
    alyxgardner143 - December 19
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    Mother of Gabriel Christian and Emrys Atticus.

    The ones that got away:
    Felicity, Anne, Iantha, Penelope, Elowen
    Walter, Sebastian, Edmund, Arthur, Fredrick

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    Yay! I've been waiting for this thread. My EDD is 10/20/14 as calculated by my last period. I am currently 4 wk 5 days and lucky enough to have my first ultrasound scheduled for 7 weeks.
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    Awesome! I'm due October 15th by calculation. My first appointment is March 12th. This pregnancy is so different from my last so far. I didn't know this early last time and it's making it seem so much longer already! I want to tell everyone, but I don't want to tempt fate.
    Mother of Gabriel Christian and Emrys Atticus.

    The ones that got away:
    Felicity, Anne, Iantha, Penelope, Elowen
    Walter, Sebastian, Edmund, Arthur, Fredrick

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    Good idea, girls. Good luck with your pregnancies! I hope I can join you. I've got two more cycles before I'm looking at a 2015 baby!
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    Good luck with your pregnancies ladies! Hoping to join you! I have 3 more chances for a 2015 baby
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