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    What would you name twin boys?

    I love twins!
    I have friends who are twins called Camden and Landon - which is way to cutesy if you ask me and kinda weird now that their teenagers- and if I had twins I would name them Alexander and Nicholas (Nicky and Alex)

    What twins do you know and what would you name your own?

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    Love Alexander & Nicholas!! My picks (at the moment) Ariston Xavier and Zenon Alaric.

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    Oh the possibilities! I like:

    Elliot and Spencer
    George and Henry
    Elliot and Holden

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    Alexander and Nicholas are a fine twin duo. If I had twin boys, I would have a hard time trying to decide which of the following I would choose for them.

    Twin Boys

    Laurence and Victor
    Raphael and Xavier
    Felix and Hugo
    Oliver and Sebastian
    Julian andTheodore
    Horatio and Peregrine
    All the best,

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    There was a Nicholas and Alexander (Nicky and Alex) on Full House! I always thought they were great names for twins - both long names with short, friendly nicknames.

    I would name twin boys our top two names: Henry and Lucas. I chose Henry, my fiance chose Lucas. If we are blessed enough to have two boys, those will be their names. I think they go well together. They're both old fashioned (even if they are popular right now, bleh), and unintentionally the same length. Henry has been my favorite name since I was a kid, and Lucas has been my fiance's favorite name for the last ten years.

    Mum to a little prince named Henry Phillip
    Elena | Clara | Juliet | Elizabeth | Beatrix | Cordelia | Ava
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