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    Would any of these combo well? As in, could I be Ariadi? Etc?
    Thank you again for the responses!

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    A distant cousin of mine has just been named Saira, and her parents chose this name because apparently it's a Jewish name, and Saira's father is Jewish. I never knew that before, I thought it was Asian. Other Jewish/Hebrew names I know of that haven't been mentioned are Dinah, Jacob and Zacharias (or "Zac" for short).

    I've also heard that Hannah is of Jewish origins, but I'm not entirely sure on this one.
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    I love Eliana, Keziah, and Penina. Especially Penina, which has actually been on and off my girls' list this pregnancy. Love the meaning - "pearl," but the Biblical character is unpraiseworthy, as it is the name of Hannah's antagonist and rival wife, in 1 Samuel. For this reason, I hesitate to use it for a baby, but I think taking it on as an adult might be less of a problem, as you would be taking it on yourself, not sticking someone else with it. You tell me!

    I would be hesitant about Ellie, or any nickname-able Ellie names, as there are a lot of men named Eli (pronounced the same), at least in Israel.

    Instead of Emma/Emmeline, you could think about Na'ama. I believe it means "comfort" and was supposed to be the name of Noah's wife, as well as some other Biblical characters. It is reasonably common in Israel.

    Another idea would be to go with a name of a Biblical convert - Batya (Pharaoh's daughter), Ruth (a Moabitess), Rahab/Rahav (from Jericho), Zipporah (Moses' Midianite wife)....

    Many blessings!

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    Quote Originally Posted by adelina_sophia View Post
    I've also heard that Hannah is of Jewish origins, but I'm not entirely sure on this one.
    Hannah is definitely of Jewish origin, though in Hebrew spelled Chana. It's one of my most favourite mainstream Biblical names, along with Naomi.

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    Well, i live in Israel, so i think i can help you.(sorry for any grammer mistakes)
    some of the names in you 'hebrew' list are not Jewish: Lilibet,Kizzie,Bell and Madeline. also,Ariel,Elli and Ari are usually boys names.
    some names i could think of:
    sapir-sapphire. it's REALLY popular in Israel
    penina- my mother's name, means pearl
    Aviela-bring to g-d
    Aviva-means spring.
    Odeya/Odelia/Odeleya-thank you god.
    Ariella-lion (most of women Jewish name ends with an A)
    Coral- a gem
    Ora- g-d light
    Moria-(Mo-ree-ya)-a pleant that looks like the Menorah, also the name of the mountain
    that Abraham was going to sacrifice his son to g-d as a simbol of his belief of him.

    Quote Originally Posted by monkeybud_89 View Post
    Would any of these combo well? As in, could I be Ariadi? Etc?
    Thank you again for the responses!
    combo names are really popular actually but 'Ariadi' is not a 'real' name ( I looked it up on and Israeli name site to be sure)
    Adiella (g-d gave me a jewelry) /Adili (jewelry for me) are 'real' combo names.

    A great reliable site :

    choose Hebrew origin. this site is the number one name site in Israel

    i would love to help with any question about name meanings/pronunciation

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