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    What do you think of the name Nero?

    A woman at my Antenatal class and she's about to have baby #3 and they are 100% going to call him Nero. Now, I actually like the name Nero if you ignore all the connotations, but I would never actually name a child that, I mean, it's just cruel. I mean, I guess it's kind of fitting, since there other son is named Scipio. I still think it would be a definite no-no for me though.

    But what do you guys think? Would you ever considering naming a child Nero?

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    I think Nero is more familiar and usable than Scipio. At first glance, I thought it was Scorpio. Lol Nero is also on my long list, but I think it's a guilty pleasure more than anything else.

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    The fact that is sounds so much like zero makes me dislike it more than anything else. Though I must admit, it could potentially be a unique and likeable name for a boy to wear.

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    I like the name. In Italian it's the word for Black, so it has a dark quality to it (har har) but was also the name of en emperor, so for me it carries a little weight. I don't think it's a bad idea.
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    Absolutely not. It may have a cool sound, but I agree, it sounds like "zero" (but I love Hero as a GP, so I don't know why that would matter to me). I think my main issue was how terribly he treated Christians. I may not have a perfect understanding of history, but it was clear he had it out for the Christians at that time, and I wouldn't want to honor that type of negativity and hate, no matter how cool the guy's name might have been. I think it'd be really hard to wear, as well, but it does sort of have a cool sound. I do think that Scipio and Nero work pretty well together, though.
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