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    The thing that strikes me about your boy’s names is that they both contain the letter Y. I would continue that trend.

    Jessy, Flynn and Hadley
    Jessy, Flynn and Carys
    Jessy, Flynn and Everly
    Jessy, Flynn and Ivy
    Jessy, Flynn and Payton
    Jessy, Flynn and Avery
    Jessy, Flynn and Molly
    Jessy, Flynn and Darcy
    TTC 2017

    Alice, Blair, Blythe, Claire, Elizabeth, Evelyn, Fleur, Grace, Isobel, Madeline, Rosamund

    Elliott, Elroy, Everett, Ezra, Henry, James, Malachi, Nathaniel, Theodore

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    Ok, had two votes for Sunday....if we were to go sunday problem is we were thinking rose for middle (of almost anything including sunday). Which we both like and is family name...googled it and it is exact name of Nicole kidmans baby, which is unfortunate...but wondering if it really matters knowing the trouble we are having arriving at a name. Perhaps sunday lilli-rose? or another middle altogether? Or maybe another name starting with sun but ending differently so can still nn sunny. Any ideas anyone?

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    Saw you love matilda which is one of hubbys favs. I would want nn for it tho as its so long. Any ideas besides Matty (too hard to say clearly would end up Maddy)or Tilly (sisters crazy dog)? Besides Sunday quite like Kieva (not sure to spell it kieva, keiva or kiva), Lilly, next would be Billie, Tiah, Summer, Elodie, Joey.

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    Like lots of your suggestions,
    ...some not a possibility though unfortunately.
    Whats your opinion on:

    Lilly Rose Sunday
    Sunday Lilly Rose
    Summer Rose
    Kieva (not sure middle. Means peaceful, beautiful. From the Irish "Caoimhe". and would you spell it Kieva, Keiva or kiva. It is pronounced Kee-vah. And can you think of good nn to go with

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