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    Leonie's Brothers

    Genre of Story: Adventure, Fantasy, Steampunk
    Time Period/Location: modern day Sydney, London, New York City, Washington D.C., Camelot, Astolat, Avalon, Lyonesse, Ys(The latter 5 places are in a Rennesaince/French Bohemian Revoloution/Industrial Revoloution like era)
    Brief Plot: A ragtag group of misfits, which includes characters loosely based on Arthur, Merlin, Gawain, Gwyn ap Nudd, Dinadan, Percival, Galahad, Gareth, Agravain, Bors, Bedivere & Morien, has to reestablish tge round table in order to fight Morgana le Fay. Throughout the story they must escape from a lions' den, find the Holy Grail, become allies with a rebel group, attempt to overthrow a corrupt government, and learn to work together as a team.

    I'm about 95% sure that my Merlin character's name is Leonie. I love the name and it fits her perfectly. The only reason I'm not completely sure about her name is that I can't find names for her brothers that match. Their parents are into literature, so it would be cool if their names could reflect that. Their mom is a Korean-American jounalist from New York City and their dad is a bookstore owner from Ys. The kids are from Ys too.

    Arthur- He has black/brown hair and dark brown eyes. He looks more Welsh(their dad's ethnicity) than Korean. He is logical, creative & intelligent. He has trouble following his heart and tends not to believe anything without substantial proof. I've come up with the names Solomon, Abel, Ralph, Henry"Huck", Rafferty(I'm not sure about the matching endings with Leonie), Noam, Moses(This name is closely tied to the biblical character), Barnaby(matchy ending and is it too nerdy?), Asa, Lionel(no way that I can use this with Leonie), Leopold(see Lionel), Percy(see Rafferty), or James. As of now Ralph, Henry"Huck", Rafferty, Percy, Barnaby & Asa are top contenders. I'm just not sure if any of those fit well with Leonie.

    Rebel Brother- He's the older brother of Arthur & Merlin/Leonie. He's not part of the round table. He is part of a rebel group that aims to overthrow the corrupted government of Ys. He is charming, charismatic, loyal, and very protective of his family & friends. He can be impulsive and is easily angered. I'm considering the same names for him as I am for his brother with the addition of Finn, Silas, Fletcher, Sullivan, Rufus, Thatcher and Jude.
    I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks!
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    Personally, I think Flynn sounds like a better name for your Arthur character than the rebel brother. I also like Abel and Rafferty. Lincoln is another suggestion, but the two Ls might be too much. I definitely think that Barnaby is way too nerdy for your character.

    I definitely like the name Fletcher for the rebel brother, 100%. It sounds perfect for the character.

    I think Leonie is a terrific name, and I like the idea of your Merlin character being a girl. Good luck, and I hope this helped!
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    Thanks stardust17. Right now I really love the idea of Rafferty for my Arthur character, but it shares Leonie's ee ending. So it seems like the eldest brother would be left out. Giving him a name with an ee ending makes the sibset a bit ridiculous in my opinion. So I figured that giving him a three syllable name could tie the whole thing together. So far I've come up with Solomon, Sullivan, Finnegan, Tobias(I read Divergent a few months ago so I'm not sure if I can still use this for a rebel character), Fletcher(not 3 syllables, but it fits him perfectly), Caspian(Narnia is a literary classic and since their parents love literature I think I could still use this), Lysander(shares the L with Leonie, but on the other hand Leonie shares the ee ending with Rafferty), Alistair(not sure how I feel about this name), Gulliver(see Caspian), Atticus(see Caspian) & Augustus. Out of those Sullivan, Finnegan, Tobias, Caspian, Lysander and Atticus are my favorites as of know. Lysander is one of my favorite boy names in general, but I'm worried about having two L's.
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    So seeing as its not on the front page anymore and Leonie's brothers still aren't named I am going to give this thread a bump. I'm not sure about naming Arthur Rafferty anymore. As of now the list is Henry"Huck", Tobias,Fletcher(only for the rebel), Thatcher(only for the rebel), Abel, Asa, Jude, Ralph, Rufus, Noam, Ezra, Finn and Finnegan"Finn". So far I've come up with the sibsets:
    Noam, Tobias & Leonie
    Asa, Henry"Huck" & Leonie
    Abel, Henry"Huck" & Leonie
    Noam, Henry"Huck" & Leonie
    Jude, Henry"Huck" & Leonie
    Rufus, Henry"Huck" & Leonie
    Noam, Asa & Leonie
    Finn, Asa & Leonie
    Fletcher, Asa & Leonie
    Fletcher, Henry"Huck" & Leonie
    Abel, Tobias & Leonie
    Jude, Tobias & Leonie
    Ezra, Tobias & Leonie
    Fletcher, Tobias & Leonie
    Tobias, Abel & Leonie
    Jude, Abel & Leonie
    Rufus, Abel & Leonie
    Noam, Abel & Leonie
    Ezra, Abel & Leonie
    Fletcher, Abel & Leonie
    I'm just not sure if any of these names go together! At this point I'm considering renaming Leonie Verity, Bronwen, Isla, Iris, Flora or June. It would be so much easier to build a sibset with one of those names. So help me please. Should I change Leonie's name? Can you think of a great sibset using Leonie? Can you think of a great sibset using Verity, Isla, Iris, Bronwen, Flora, or June? I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks in advance.
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