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    Street Name: Liverpool Rd.

    Family 1
    Description: DW, Charlotte, and DH, Sebastian, have been married for 3 years and just had their first! He is a very mellow baby. His name is Theodore.

    LN: Felix
    DH: Sebastian Donald (31)
    DW: Charlotte Megan (33)
    -DS: Theodore Henry (nb)

    Sebastian + Charlotte's Bedroom:
    Theodore's Bedroom:

    Family 2
    Description: DGF, Liam, and DGM, Isabelle, are living with their daughter, Eleanor. Eleanor is a very caring and busy mother, between her son, Tobias, playing soccer and daughter, Maisy, and her horseback riding, she is all over the city!

    LN: Engall
    DGF: Liam Alexander (69)
    DGM: Isabelle Eleanor (70)
    -DD: Eleanor Marie (37)
    --DD: Maisy Selene (9)
    --DS: Tobias Riley (6)

    Liam + Isabelle's Bedroom:
    Eleanor's Bedroom:
    Maisy's Bedroom:
    Tobias' Bedroom:

    Family 3
    Description: This family is your stereotypical crazy CAF family! With 13 kids, DH, Kyler and DW, Eleanor, have their hands full! Their first born is daughter, Natalie, who is 14. Then they had son, George, who is 13. They decided to adopt next, 3 siblings from Ethiopia, Daughters Una (15), Yela (10), and Elisa (8). Two years later they had triplet boys, Michael, Ben, and Oliver who are 9 now. They next adopted two more girls from Ethiopia, Haley (7), and June (5), and finally finished their family with a baby girl they named Maisy! Or so they thought... Two years later they found out that June had a sister a year younger than her in another orphanage and they had to adopt her! Her name is Jane.

    LN: Guenthart
    DH: Kyler George (35)
    DW: Eleanor Katherine (37)
    -DAD: Una Eleanor (15)
    -DD: Natalie Sage (14)
    -DS: George Elliot (13)
    -DAD: Yela Elisabeth (10)
    -DS/DS/DS: Michael Soren, Benjamin Elias, Oliver William (9)
    -DAD: Elisa Grace (8)
    -DAD: Haley Daisy (7)
    -DD: Maisy Daniela (6)
    -DAD: Juniper Essie (5)
    -DAD: Jane Emory (4)

    Kyler + Eleanor's Bedroom:
    Una, Natalie + Yela's Bedroom:
    George + Michael's Bedroom:
    Ben + Oliver's Bedroom:
    Elisa + Haley's Bedroom:
    Maisy, June + Jane's Bedroom:

    Family 4
    This is single dad Carl. His wife, Dana, died in child birth with daughter Dana who is 6 months old now. He also has son, Logan, who is the spitting image of his mommy.

    LN: Leitman
    DH: Carl Isaac (33)
    DW: Dana Naomi (deceased)
    -DS: Logan Rhys (2)
    -DD: Dana Natasha (6 mos)

    Carl's Bedroom:
    Logan + Dana's Bedroom:

    Family 5
    Andrew and Olive have been dating for 4 years now. He just cant find the right way to pop the question! They have been friends since highschool and been in love since their junior year!

    DBF: Andrew James Dickson
    DGF: Olive Elizabeth Rowse

    Andrew and Olive's Bedroom:

    Family 6
    DH, David and DW, Elizabeth are your typical suburbian family. Victor enjoys grilling when he isnt at work as a Fitness trainer and Elizabeth loves to scrapbook and be a part of the kids PTA. They have three kids, daughter Elizabeth who is 8, son Alexander who is 6 and another daughter, Charlotte who is 4.

    LN: Marschall
    DH: David Victor (38)
    DW: Elizabeth Hannah (35)
    -DD: Elizabeth Grace (8)
    -DS: Alexander Samuel (6)
    -DD: Charlotte Lily (4)

    David + Elizabeth's Room:
    Elizabeth + Charlotte's Room:
    Alexander's Room:

    Family 7
    The Larkin family is a blended family. DH, John had two sons, Elliot and Logan before meeting DW, Grace. DW had a daughter, Sophia before meeting DH. They have two sons together, Ben and Oliver.

    LN: Larkin
    DH: John Gregory (42)
    DW: Grace Eliza (40)
    -DHsS: Elliot Kenneth (22)
    -DHsS: Logan Elijah (20)
    -DWsD: Sophia June (18)
    -DS: Bennett Evan (9)
    -DS: Oliver Emmett (4)

    John + Grace's Bedroom:
    Elliot + Logan's Bedroom:
    Sophia's Bedroom:
    Ben and Oliver's Bedroom:

    Family 8
    DW Hazel and DW Abby have been married for 5 years. They have two sons via IVF named Pine and Bay and are expecting twin girls they plan to name Calla and Primrose.

    LN: Baltz-Carper
    DW: Hazel Elliot (31)
    DW: Abby Noelle (29)
    -DS: Bay Walter (3)
    -DS: Pine Jacob (1)
    -DD/DD: Calla Rachel and Primrose Claire (exp)

    Abby + Hazel's Bedroom:
    Bay's Bedroom:
    Pine's Bedroom:
    Calla and Primrose's Future Bedroom:

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