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Thread: Zara or Zahra?

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    Zara or Zahra?

    Hello Berries, I was discussing girls names with my SO and I found that he loves the name Zara. It has since grown on me, however I prefer the Zahra spelling so it isn't so short and also because it is less common. I saw a movie with a little girl named Zahra and fell in love with the name even more and it didn't seem a big deal that it was set in Iran. Since then I have seen the name spelt that way at least twice more, and they were all from the Middle East. Does that matter? People use French names in America often so I don't think it is that big a deal, but will there be issues with spelling for her later on? At least the pronunciation will be clear lol.

    What do you think? Simple Zara or more unique Zahra?

    Any middle name suggestions would be great too! TIA.
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    I think that there are enough similarities between Zara and Sara that it makes it more approachable for cultural crossover -- which ultimately most of our names are!

    I like the Zahra spelling better. I also like that this way provides a little more emphasis on that first syllable, making the name sound a little longer too.

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    I think I actually prefer the Zara spelling. Apparently both names are Arabic in origin, but have different meanings. Also, I love zappy Z's! Here are some middle options..
    Zahra Claire
    Zahra Jade
    Zahra Daisy
    Zahra Scarlett

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    I love Zahra, I know a little girl with that name and think it's very usable even if you're not Arabic. I really like your Zahra Rosalie combo. (:
    Other suggestions:
    Zahra Seraphine
    Zahra Amelie
    Zahra Coraline
    Zahra Eloise

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    I would choose the Zahra spelling only if I had Arab ancestry. Personally, I would feel strange using this spelling because I don't have any ties. That's just my comfort level talking.

    I would choose the Zara spelling if I was English speaking. This is the most familiar spelling for me and I would be more comfortable using it.
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