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    How do you pronounce Simone?

    This is a name that my husband and I both like but are unsure about due to pronunciation issues. We both had only heard it with a -moan- ending until recently when we met someone who says it with a -mon- ending.

    How do you pronounce it? I'm especially interested to hear from those who of you who may be fluent in French.

    Also, what are your thoughts on the name??


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    I love this name although I personally prefer Simona!
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    I've only ever heard it pronounced Si-moan, but I love that pronunciation. I think it's feminine and classic, with an ethnic flair.

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    I've heard both -mon and -moan endings, but -moan is far more common here (Australia).

    I don't like it, because of the -moan thing...just not a nice sound, IMO.

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    So my first language is english and I pronounce it Sih-moan. Like that.

    But I also speak french (and have since I was 5 years old - so I'm pretty fluent). If I were saying it in french, I would say "See-mone" Not sure how to phonetically write the mone, but it wouldn't be the mon from Simon (Sigh-mon). It would be gentler, See-mohn) with the n being gentle. See-m-an (sorta - but only two syllables with the m more attached to the 2nd than the first).

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