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    Your name is Celeste Darian. You are 23 years old and have been acting ever since you were 3, and are now quite famous. You have been nominated for 3 Golden Globes and have just been nominated for an Oscar award for your latest Sci-Fi movie, Mega Warp. You are very excited about your nomination. This movie is the biggest moment of your career, and you have become way more famous. Mega Warp was a big-budget film directed by famous director Crosby Hemingway and you were scared you wouldn’t get the role of Djuna Wright, the leading lady. After all, Laila Tennyson, who was more famous was after the role too. If you thought she disliked you then, she really hates you now for stealing ‘her’ role! The only thing you’re worried about is that after she was rejected the role of Djuna, she auditioned for the role of Vega Rosenbaum in a big-budgeted fantasy movie and got it. But you don’t have to worry, right? Right? It’s finally the Oscars! You are beautiful on the red carpet, wearing a stunning designer dress You are accompanied by your new boyfriend, Gaines Abbiati. He is a famous actor who is also being nominated for his action movie, Double Victory. You are very excited when your best friend, another actress, Georgina Alfson, wins an award for Best Actress in A Supporting Role! It’s finally the big moment, Best Actress in A Leading Role! Please be you, please be you…


    Laila Tennyson for Saving The Rosenbaums!”

    You are so disappointed! You really thought you’d win. But you have fun at the after party with your best friend, Georgina. You congratulate her on winning, and she says she’s sorry you didn’t win, or your boyfriend. Speaking of Gaines, where is he? You haven’t seen him in a long time. You start searching for him… and find him getting a drink with Laila!
    You run up to him angrily. He’s been ditching you all night to have a drink with the girl who hates you, and just happens to be giving you an evil smile! She looks drunk, but you’re sure it’s not just that. Gaines says he can explain. He pulls you away and says that he has something important to tell you. He’s sorry, but he doesn’t really love you. WHAT! He’s in love with Laila instead! No, he assures you, he doesn’t love Laila either, because he’s gay. Laila was flirting with him, and it just spilled out of him, so they started talking about it. You believe him because you always suspected something. You give Gaines a hug, tell him he’s special no matter what and leave with Georgina.
    That was a crazy night! You’re ready for bed but decide to watch the news for a few minutes to see anything about the Oscars. Then you see a crazy news line: Laila Tennyson has been in a car accident right before filming for her new romantic comedy movie, Wishing Star.

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