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Thread: Luca or Luka?

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    Luca or Luka?

    Hi berries!

    I need your help figuring out which is the best spelling of one of my top boy names : Luka / Luca. It's important to mention that I'm French-Canadian.

    Luka :
    - I believe this is possibly more popular in English since Luke is spelled with a K.
    - The K, in my opinion, makes the name a bit more fun, maybe even cooler?

    Luca :
    - In French, this is more popular since Luke in French is Luc.
    - However, it is more often spelt Lucas where I'm from

    Lucas :
    - My issue with Lucas is that even if in French, Luka/Luca/Lucas are all pronounced the same (the S is silent), in English, Loo-kah becomes Loo-kiss when the S is added, and I don't want that.
    - We live in a bilingual city/province/country so his name would be pronounced in English sometimes which pretty much makes Lucas unusable for us.

    So, berries, what do you think? Which one would you use and why?

    PS - Middle will be a family name. Nikolas, Maurice and Benoit are names we wish use. We are open to using variations such as Niklaus, Niko, Amaury, Maury, etc. but nothing that strays too far from the original names. Which one do you think would compliment it better / do you have any other ideas of variations? Our other top name (which is probably our first choice) is Sébastien which we would most likely use with a Nikolas variant (since the repeated K sound in Luka/Luca and Nikolas might be a bit much)

    Anyways, sorry for the rambling, and thank you for reading!
    Elise Jeanne Rose
    Benoit Leo Luca

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    Of the three variations of Luca, this is the spelling I would use.

    I love Sebastien though, I've always found it to be a lovely name.
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    Luca is my favorite spelling. I like Luca Benoit. I like Sébastien Nikolas a lot too.

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    I also vote for Luca!
    If I had a baby today, I'd name him or her…
    Benjamin Lucas "Benji" or Susanna Risa "Sunny"

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    I know of a newborn Luca and Luka, so I have actually been thinking about it a bit myself. I strongly prefer Luka. This is probably because I am quite fond of Luke.

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