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    Use your top two names or "save" one for later?

    When naming a child, do you use your two favorite names or do you "save" favorites for later first names?

    Let me use an example. Let's say that your top two favorite boy names are William and Charles. You love them both to pieces, and your SO agrees that they are the best two names on the planet. In a perfect world, you and your SO would have two little boys named William and Charles. Of course, life doesn't guarantee that you'll have another boy down the road, and you can't imagine not using Charles when given the opportunity. So now you're faced with a dilemma. Do you name your first son William Charles, so that you can use your two favorite names, or do you "save" Charles for a hypothetical second baby's first name?

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    Hm that would be a tough dilemma!! I intend on using family names for a middle regardless so it shouldn't be an issue for me, but I would say save it. In the middle spot it will be all but ignored, and if you love it that much, I'd want it as a first name!

    As a random aside - my great grandfather was Charles William

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    I think it depends. Do they sound better to you as a sibset or a combo? Do they both have significance to you and how badly would you regret never getting to use one of them?

    When we named our daughter, we had a very limited list and the combo we chose effectively ruled out using any of the other names (because they would be too similar/versions of her first or middle name). We're totally happy with that. We've fallen in love with something completely different/never before considered by us for daughter #2 if we have one. But, we also never felt like Maura/Molly and Lucy/Lucille were the only good names in the whole wide world, they were just the only names we imagined for this daughter.
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    I'd personally use my top two names as first and middle bearing they flow well together.

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    People don't often hear or use a child's middle name, so I personally would save the second name. on the other hand, I know a set of brothers which all have as their first name as the middle of the previous son, so if you went with that pattern, you could have (for example, just grabbed some combos from your sig):

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