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    Flitting between the Heartland and the South
    Juno- girl
    Kieran- girl
    Rory- boy
    Carson- boy
    Elliott- boy
    River- girl
    Charlie- boy
    Story- neither... I think of a book
    Artemis- girl
    Maddox- boy
    Navy- boy
    Jameson- boy
    Avery- girl
    Collins- boy
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    Cecelia, Lydia, Clara
    Adric, Isaac, Silas

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    Juno- Female
    Kieran- Male
    Rory- Male
    Carson- Male
    Elliott- Male
    River- Female
    Charlie- Male
    Story- Female
    Artemis- Female
    Maddox- Male
    Navy- Female
    Jameson- Male
    Avery- Male
    Collins- Male
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    Juno - GIRL
    Kieran - BOY
    Rory - either I can see a boy Rory or a girl Aurora with Rory as a nickname but my first thought was BOY
    Carson - BOY
    Rowan - BOY
    Elliott - BOY
    River - BOY
    Charlie - BOY but same as Rory I can see it as a nickname for Charles and Charlotte equally
    Story - GIRL
    Artemis - BOY ??
    Maddox - BOY
    Navy - BOY
    Jameson - BOY
    Avery - BOY only because I know 1 boy Avery and 0 girl Avery's but I think it works for a boy or girl
    Collins - GIRL only because the only Collins I know of is the daughter in The Blind Side

    I like Bailey, Taylor and Morgan all better for boys then girls
    IM A NURSE!!
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    Noah Rupert / Cole Russell
    Bria Aurelie / Ruby??

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    Juno-- Female
    Kieran-- Male, comes from the Irish Ciaran
    Rory-- Either, but I prefer male
    Carson-- Male
    Rowan-- Male
    Elliott-- Male
    River-- Male
    Charlie-- Male as a full name, either gender as a nickname
    Story-- Female
    Artemis-- Female
    Maddox-- Male
    Navy-- I really don't consider this a name and wouldn't know which gender to expect
    Jameson-- Male
    Avery-- Either
    Collins-- Male

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    wherever I can make it
    Juno- Girl. All just because of that Juno movie.
    Kieran- Boy
    Rory- Boy
    Carson- Boy
    Rowan- Both. I have meet a girl and boy named Rowan before.
    Elliott- Both. Though I must add, this name is much more popular as a girls name in my area.
    River- Boy
    Charlie- Both
    Story- Girl
    Artemis- Both. The "Art" part makes it sound masculine. But then the "is" ending makes it sound famine. So unsure.
    Maddox- Boy
    Navy- Girl
    Jameson- Boy
    Avery- Girl. This name is popping all over the place as a girl name.
    Collins- Boy

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