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    Due next month and still no name!

    Hello, Berries! I'm due next month and still haven't come to a conclusion on a name! big sister is Lisette Mary. we love our top 5 but aren't sure what sounds best with her name??
    These are our FOR SURE top 5. We will be using one of these names, I just want input on which flows the best with sister's name. (btw- Lisette goes by Lisse pen Leese)

    - Anneliese / Annaliese nn Anna
    - Fiona
    - Maëlys
    - Analeigh / Annalie
    - Isobel

    thanks in advance for input and help!

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    I am totally loving Anneliese or Fiona. Both are unusual enough but definitely pretty, like Lisette, and would go nicely.

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    i like annaliese and isobelle

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    My faves are:

    Baby Cosima,
    expected to arrive in or around September

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    I would personally rule out Anneliese and Maelys since they share the "Lis" part of Lisette. I know they SOUND different than Lisette but they are still all similar and share similar diminutives, including Isobel, actually (although this name sounds very different so I wouldn't kick this one off the list). I would want my second daughter to have a totally different name - like Fiona. Fiona and Lisette are so gorgeous and chic; I am totally in love! And each child has their own, fully individual name.

    I feel like I should mention Annaleigh/Annalie. I am totally not a fan. I know it's not "made up," but it feels that way and doesn't hold a candle next to the sophisticated Lisette. You seem to like the idea of Anna as a nickname, but neither choice really feels like the right one, in my opinion. I know you said you were using one of these 5 and like I said, my pick is definitely Fiona, but my preferred "Anna" name is definitely Annabel.

    Congrats and good luck.
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