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    I prefer to keep it simple and just go for Isabel/Isabelle. It's beautiful as it is. I'm not sure where you are, but here in America, the average is that there isn't even 1 Isabelle born per county, much less per school district, each year. And sure, when you add in Isabella, and Isabel, and all the other variants that rank, there's about 529 born in each state, on average, each year. Many states have about 67 or so counties, so when you divide it down, that's only 8 Isabellas/etc. per county, which is still less than half of each school districts having an Isabella/Isabel/Isobel/Isabelle/Izabelle/Izabella/Isabela/etc. in each grade (40 percent of public school districts having an Isabella variant in each grade). If you add in the number of home schoolers, kids in cyber schools, Catholic schools, Christian-but-not-Catholic schools, and private-but-not-religious schools, that percentage goes down even further. Popularity is nowhere near as bad as it was when we were kids. At least, not in America. I can't say for other countries. I would gladly use Isabelle, personally, but she's been my very favorite for years and years.

    Isabelita's okay, but it comes across as very frou-frou/frilly, and also very nicknamey. (If I'm not mistaken, a lot of Spanish-speakers add the suffix -ita/ito (Juanita, Lolita, Pepito, etc.) as a diminutive. I wouldn't recommend it. If you like the sound/look of it, though, what about Isabellina/Isabelline? Still quite frou-frou and unexpected, but less cutesy.

    ETA: I want to second Ysaline (ee-sah-leen) and Isalena (not sure how they spelled it--I met an Isolina with this spelling, which I think is pretty cool)--I've met people with both names and I think they're just lovely!
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    To be honest it is a bit too frilly, but it would work as a middle. If you like Isabel and want a variant how about the sleeker Greek name Isaura; part Isabel and part on trend Aurora it's far enough away to avoid the over popular Isabel but still has the same feel of it. Nicknames like Izzy would still work here.

    Perhaps though, the answer is to just go for Isabel and use Isabelita as a nickname, it's popular for a reason, it has classic, elegant undertones and great historical associations, if you don't mind the popularity it's a good choice.
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    @nono Yes, this name is super frilly so I understand how it can be a bit much. I want to use Beau for a boy's nickname so Isabeau is out of the runnings and though I do love Sabella or Sabelle, I have Seraphina on the list and I want each kid to have their own initial. Thank you for your honest opinion.

    @teacherma Thank you for the suggestions! Isabelline has a backstory with the color concerning the queen and her underwear (via wikipedia- According to a popular legend, the name comes from Infanta Isabella Clara Eugenia of Spain; during the Siege of Ostend which started in July 1601, Isabella is claimed to have vowed not to change her underwear until the siege was over, expecting a quick victory for her husband Archduke Albert of Austria. Since the siege lasted over three years, finally ending in September 1604, it is claimed that the discolouration of her underwear in that interval led to the naming of the colour) so the name eliminated itself from my list with that story. I actually had Iseult on my list but I prefer Elsa. I only know one person with an -ita name, but I'm glad other people didn't have any problems with their -ita names.
    Thanks for taking the time to respond and give suggestions.

    @vicioustrollop Glad you like it! I love the name but I understand that it is uber frilly and may be a bit much. I still love it though.

    @svea Yes it is frilly deluxe and that is part of the reason I like it so much. I adore uber frilly names. Ysabel and Isaline are nice but I prefer Elsa. Thank you for taking the time to respond and give suggestions.

    @ashthedreamer Isabel is popular and in the top 100 world wide. Thanks for the stats! I still have Isabel on my list. I understand the argument about names in the top 10 are statistically lower than used to be. #1 names have gone from 50,000 to 20,000 even taking into consideration the increasing population. Still though I worry.
    Yes, it is very very frilly and nicknamey but I like it. I actually like Lolita but would never dream of using it. I love Isabellina so thanks for that suggestion, but Isabellina looks an awful lot aesthetically like ballerina.
    Isalena is really nice, I never came across that one so thanks.

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    @arunciblespoon Thanks for the suggestion! I actually prefer Isalena to Isaura. I like Isabel but taking into consideration all the variants it is a bit popular for my liking so I found Isabelita and fell in love. I appreciate the honest feedback and the re-itertaion of the suggestion of it as a nickname.

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    Isabelita is a bit OTT, in my opinion. But I do like other Isabel variants like Ysabel, Isabeau, Isa, and Belita.

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