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    Alternative spelling to Vivian...

    Hello all,

    We think we've now finally settled on Vivian if this little one - due in TWO WEEKS!! - turns out to be a girl... Neither of us feels that the Vivienne spelling is right for us so we're choosing between Vivian or Vyvyan. Vyvyan is my husband's grandmother's name. Here are the pros and cons as I see them:

    It's as phonetic as it gets
    It lends itself more naturally to nicknames and their spellings, Viva, Vi, Vivi etc.
    It seems simple and not too try hard
    It's becoming more and more popular over here (UK)
    It isn't, strictly speaking, his grandma's name...

    More obviously honourific
    We both like the quirky nature of the spelling
    It's Cornish as well as Latin (and I'm Cornish)
    *This is my main fear!* It might seem like we're trying to be controversial, like replacing a 'c' with a 'k' for no reason...
    It might seem like we're being pretentious - the Cornish family name belongs to a baronetcy from my part of the county
    The nicknames don't flow so easily on paper
    We have a complicated surname (double-barrelled with Italian elements) which already requires spelling out. Are we setting up our child to have to spell each part of her name for years to come?! We're giving her (if she is a she an entirely phonetic mn, btw).

    What do you think berries? Should we go with our heads (Vivian) or hearts (Vyvyan)?!

    Thank you in advance for any thoughts. I can't see the wood for the trees anymore...


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    Honestly, I'm sorry, I did think it was an awful kre8tiv spelling when I saw Vyvyan. I thought it was a joke. (I'm sorry, I now see the error of my ways!) I think it's a great name, and they're all tied to the same name, so with a complicated surname, I would probably just opt for Vivian. Although I am on an international name kick, so the idea of a variant from another culture intrigues me. How common are Cornish names in the UK? If they're fairly prevalent, then I wouldn't be too worried about it. It honors your heritage (and your husband's grandmother). It sounds really significant, but only you can tell how hard it would be to be a little one with the name Vyvyan, with a long, complicated, Italian, double-barreled surname. Do you think she'd be proud to wear all that history and significance? Or would it just be a burden? Maybe others who are in the UK might be able to better shed any light on it, but I would think it'd be quite hard to live with the name Vyvyan, and unless people knew it was a legitimate variation, I'm afraid they'd assume some not-so-cool things about you as parents, as well.

    Honestly, though, I think if you use Vivian, I don't think it'll honor your husband's grandma any less. It still sounds the same (right?), and looks very similar. Vyvyan came from Vivian, yes?

    Good luck!
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    I would stick to Vivian. Honestly, Vyvyan gives me a headache. If your surname is already complicated, I would stick to the easiest spelling.

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    I'm sorry but Vyvyan looks like a made up name/a joke. It's very unappealing in appearance and it isn't easy to read whatsoever. Really, Vyvyan is just a kre8teev spelling of Vivian - they're the exact same name, so Vivian will honour her just the same - and will make life a lot easier on your daughter.
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    I don't like Vyvyan at all, it looks like a Y and a V threw up on a name. I LOVE Vivian, and would stick to that spelling especially if your name is already complicated.

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