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    Double first name opinions please!

    Still on our name husband brought up that we could use Ruby-Faye as a double first name. What do you guys think? Any other second names that pair well with Ruby for a double first name? Since Ruby isn't super uncommon in the States having a double first name might prevent her from having to be Ruby W. if there is another Ruby in the classroom. We also generally like the idea of double names.

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    Generally I'm not a fan of double firsts but I'm really drawn to the idea with 'Ruby'. If you're keen to stick to a single syllable second part then Faye or Grace or Jane would be the obvious routes (and of these Faye is my favourite) but you could also try Claire? There are a few two syllable names that you could work with - Clara and Anna spring to mine. You could even try a three syllable in the form of something like Iona?

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    I like double barrels, when they're done right. I think in the southern US (and also Britain, although I'm not as familiar with what the eye-roll-inducing double barrels are) they can start to sound overdone and unappealing, but when it's the right double barrel, it just seems to sing! I love French double barrels like Anne-Sophie and Anne-Claire, and I've loved Eve-Claire, Ella-Kate, and Emmy Roo/Evie Roo (as a nn for something like Emmeline Ruby/Eva Ruby, of course) in the past, too. I think Ruby-Faye is really sweet--are you concerned people will just drop the Faye part and just call her Ruby? Honestly, I've only ever come across one Ruby, so even though it is fairly popular, I am not sure how often she'll be in class with another Ruby? I've done the statistics, and it averages out to only about one Sophia per classroom, so I'm guessing Ruby would be a lot less than that.

    What about:

    Ruby-Louise (or just Ruby-Lou! Ruby-Lou is adorable!)

    Good luck!
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    Personally I would hate having a double first name. To me it's just too much clunkiness and confusion for no real reason I guess. That being said, there are some really cute suggestions being made.
    If you get the right combo it's not that bad, but just not my thing.
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    I agree that although the name is common, there is a good chance there won't be another Ruby in her class. Although I went to a big high school I had met only one person whose name was on the top 10 list..As far as choosing a double first for the popularity I wouldn't let it bother you. I personally don't usually like these double first names because I am used to Mackenzie-Maria and the other mismatched double first names which so often drive me crazy, but I really like the Ruby Faye combination. I would use it as a middle name however and if it became an issue just have the teacher and the kids call her Ruby Faye without having to use it for everything. Do kids with double first's still get a middle name? Love the combo and hope you find what you're looking for
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