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    Thoughts on Harold as a middle name..

    We have our boys name Stanley Peter but I don't think Peter goes well with my surname (Peregreen) with the double P's so what do you think to Harold?

    Stanley Peter Harold Peregreen

    Any other suggestions will be really appreciated

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    Peter Peregreen is pretty cool, if you ask me!

    It flows even better than Peter Harold {due to the r's} and Stanley Harold {due to the l's}.

    Maybe you'd consider Peter Stanley?
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    Are you in the UK? Stanley, Peter, and Harold are probably perceived differently across the pond, but here in the States Stanley Peter Harold is far too geriatric. I'd fully expect to meet a man wearing tube socks, orthopedic shoes, and a heavy-knit cardigan. I hate to be a downer, but I can only get behind using one of these names in a combo.

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