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    What do you think of our top names?

    Here are the top girls and boys names we are considering...what do you think? Would love new suggestions! Combos? Last name starts with L, 4 sylls, ends like -bardi. Thanks!

    Tessa (prob. our favorite at the moment)

    Julia (I love and was my great grams name, hubby likes it)

    Mila(we both love but idk if it would go well I the potential William/Will)

    Hayden(hubby loves unisex names...this is the only one I like, would prob only use if didn't have a boy William as I don't like the names together)

    Natalia (hubby loves and is growing on me)

    Elena (pronounced E-Lee-Nuh, was a longgg time ago ex to hubby but Ilove it so much idk if I care lol)

    Willow (hubby is not exactly on board with this one but I love it, and could only use if we don't have a son William)

    Possible middles: Elizabeth, Rose, Rosemary, Katharine, Joy

    William Robert (this one is set in stone for a first son)
    James(I love James but hubby would only use as a middle)
    Married to wonderful hubby 10/12

    Mommy to Mila Rosemary 11/14

    Future possible sibs<3
    Tessa Elizabeth . Juliet/Kate Anastasia
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    Tessa - I love Tessa! It is my personal favourite on your list. My only problem with Tessa is that I find it really hard to pair with middles! Tessa Rosemary is pretty.
    Julia - this is not my style but I think that it's great that it honours your great grandmother. I like Julia Katharine.
    Mila - this is a very pretty name but I agree it would not work that well with a brother named William/Will, maybe use it as a middle?
    Hayden - I don't really consider this unisex as the only 2 Haydens I've ever met were boys and it follows the Aiden rhyming trend. Rowan?
    Natalia - kind of pretty but I think there are nicer names on your list
    Elena - pretty but I prefer it pronounced Eh-lay-nuh and I like nn Lena. Elena Joy is very nice, especially with a long surname
    Willow - I like this (I like Willa even more!), Willow Elizabeth is pretty. But would you actually want to use this? If you named a girl Willow you wouldn't be able to use William Robert if you had a boy after

    William Robert - good strong name
    Harrison - nms at all, I prefer just Harry
    Luke - I really like Luke but I LOVE Lucas, possibly with nn Luke?
    Jack - nice enough name but too popular for my taste
    Mason - nms
    Christopher - I like this, it's very handsome
    James - James/Jamie is very popular but it would be nice as a middle

    I'm sorry, I'm not very good with suggestions but I hope this helps
    Just a 20 year old weirdly obsessed with names, no babies in the near future

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    Alaric Asa Evander Ezra Jasper Leander Lucas Orion Perseus Ruairi

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    @potofgold it does help thank you! I agree about the nn Lena for Elena and would use that! I also agree about Lucas nn Luke but hubby loves Luke...
    I would probably only use Mila for a second child(we plan of having 2) if we only had daughters...
    I love Tessa most! I was liking Tessa Rose or Tessa Elizabeth but love the suggestion of Tessa Rosemary! Rosemary is hubby's grams name
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    Married to wonderful hubby 10/12

    Mommy to Mila Rosemary 11/14

    Future possible sibs<3
    Tessa Elizabeth . Juliet/Kate Anastasia
    William Leo Robert . Colin Brody Michael

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    I like Julia best from your girl list and it goes well with almost all your mns. However, I really like Julia Tess L---ardi. Tessa is in second place.

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    I am still loving Tessa Rose. My favorites are Tessa, Willow, Luke, and Jack.

    Tessa Rose, Tessa Joy, Tessa Elizabeth (Tessa Rose being my favorite)
    Julia Rose, Julia Katherine
    Mila Rose, Mila Rosemary, Mila Katherine
    Hayden Elizabeth, Hayden Rose, Hayden Joy
    Natalia Rose, Natalia Joy
    Elena Rose, Elena Rosemary, Elena Joy
    Willow Elizabeth, Willow Rose (both are nature names but I am really liking the sound of Willow Rose), Willow Joy

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