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    Which name does Sage go with best?

    My boyfriend and I were talking over our lunch date today about Sage, and I basically laid down the law, and told him that one of our kids would have to have the middle name. He agreed to this (even though he pretty much didn't have a choice haha.) The two options we like for Sage are:

    Mila Sage for a girl, and Callen Sage for a boy. (I know our choice is Callen Archer but I'd give Archer up in a heartbeat for Sage)

    I was wondering what you guys think; if you prefer it for one gender or another, and why. And if you have any girl suggestions that you like better with Sage, I'm open to that too, but Callen is for sure our first boy name.

    As always, thanks so much Berries!
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    I prefer it for a girl. It just doesn't feel very masculine to me. Anyway, I prefer the flow of Mila Sage to Callen Sage.

    I love Mila Sage, but I also like some longer names: Penelope Sage, Lorelei Sage, Cordelia Sage.... Camila Sage nn Mila would be nice too.
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    Mila Sage is better than Callen Sage which is too similar to phrase "callin' Sage" for me. I'm with emsky in that I too prefer a longer name with the one-syllable Sage (eg. Milena Sage nn Mila). Mila Sage sounds great but I don't necessarily like two names that are both four letters long.
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    I have never heard of the phrase callin' Sage (Just in case you think otherwise, we are pronouncing Callen 'Cal-in' not like Collin, but I'm sure you knew that! Just wanted to make sure.)

    I do really like Camila Sage, but if I named her Camila, I'd want to call her Camila. I'm a minority on Nameberry for saying this, but I think it's pointless to name a child one name, when you have no intentions of ever actually calling them that at all. When I grew up, my mom was insistent that people call me by my given name so I had no nickname, and my boyfriend grew up going by a name that isn't his actual given name. Sooo, that being said, we'd either just use Camila Sage or Mila Sage. I would also be afraid that people in my area would pronounce Camila "Cuh mill-uh" instead of "Cuh-mee-lah" so that worries me.

    I also want to say that I ADORE Lorelei but the boyfriend won't have it. Lorelei Sage would be perfect.
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    I prefer Sage on a girl. Mila Sage is lovely, especially if your surname is long, because both Mila and Sage are quite short and if your surname is one syllable, it'd bother me a bit.

    For a boy, I prefer Callen Archer. But probably because I just much prefer Archer... Don't get me wrong, Sage is beautiful, but it's in the bottom of my list while Archer is in the top. Anyways, I'd prefer Sage on a girl.

    If you're still considering longer names with nickname Mila (she could go by her full name half of the time and by Mila for the other half), maybe Emilia or Emmeline? I love Camila, too.

    Other suggestions:

    Willow Sage
    Olivia Sage
    Everly Sage
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