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    @mischa - I like Abel & Violetta together, I hadn't considered them as a sibset before

    @ribbons-and-soldiers - DH ditched Beatrice (Betsy) & Gideon from the long list We did add Gwenyth back into the mix though! And I love Augustus (how cute is Gus?) but I know he'll never go for it. Ronan is an interesting choice, I'll have to see what he thinks!

    @jtucker - I adore Booker Daniel, I'm a little concerned about the "booger" association, so it makes me hesitant but I love the name so much!

    @kala_way - Theodore Daniel & Cordelia Rue are lovely! They work so well together

    @shealatoba - Rosemary was heartbreakingly already nixed by DH (I love it). I like Charlotte but we have a cousin by that name (though spelled Charolette); Harper is on my guilty pleasure list, too masculine to actually use I think; I love Geneviève but only pronounced the French way, and I know it'll always be butchered

    rosalie song - daisy maren - caroline river - isla maeve
    linus theodore - sidney john - gordon mercer - donovan atticus

    Fur Kids: Caledonia (Kala) & Marty

    run along Pond...15/12/10
    our rainbow boys: Donovan Thomas & Marshall Gordon...coming 11/2016

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