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    Talking Your BIG Family!

    You have five adult children who have branched out and started families of their own. The names, ages, genders and sexualities are completely up to you, but you have to meet the criteria:

    • Each of the adults have at least five children each.
    • At least one adult has remarried twice and has step-children from each of their marriages.
    • At least one couple has adopted.
    • One family must have the same starting initials (like the Duggars, but whatever letter you want).
    • There has to be at least two pairs of twins.
    • There is at least one pair of triplets.
    • One of the grandchildren has a child of their own.


    • You (DW/DGM OR DH/DGF) can remarry and have step-kids of your own if you wish.
    • You can add pictures and descriptions of each family if you want.

    Happy naming!

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    DW: Monica Annette Wilkinson (67)
    DH: Ronald Tyrone Wilkinson (67)


    DD1: Emily Anne Tyler (46)
    -DH: William Montgomery Tyler (50)

    DD: Daisy Maria Tyler (23)
    -DF: Adam Jack Morton [24]
    DS: Daniel Allan Tyler (21)
    DD: Delilah Emily Tyler (17)
    -DBF: Zavier Edward Preston [18]
    DD: Dakota Anne Tyler (16)
    DS: Dashiell Marcus Tyler (14)
    DD: Dillon Grace Tyler (12)

    Emily & Will: Daisy, Danny, Delilah, Dakota, Dash + Dillon.


    DD2: Annie Renee Parsons (45)
    -DexH: Edwin Carter Harrison (47)

    DS: Milo Andrew Harrison (20)
    DS: Cameron Jack Harrison (18)
    DD: Zoe Elise Harrison (17)
    -DexBF: Trevor Alex Portoff (19)
    --DD: Maisie Annabelle Harrison-Portoff (nb)
    DS: Zachary Winston Harrison (15)

    DH: Marcus William Parsons (52)

    DSS1: Nathaniel Clark Parsons (24)
    DSS2: Terrance Micah Parsons (22)

    DD: Caitlyn Marie Parsons (9)
    DD: Willow Jane Parsons (7)

    Annie & Marc: Milo, Cam, Zoe, Maisie, Zac, Nathan, Terry, Cait + Willow.


    DS1: Benjamin Edward Wilkinson (43)
    -DW: Tammy Elaine Wilkinson (Anderson-Tobin) (39)

    DS: Tobin Michael Wilkinson (19)
    -DBF: William Quinn Vermont [19]
    DS: Anderson Lewis Wilkinson (18)
    DD: Taliya Elaine Wilkinson (16)
    DD: Idina Louise Wilkinson (14)
    DS: Charlie Edward Wilkinson (11)
    DAD: Donya Kate Wilkinson (9)
    DD/DS: Sawyer-Jade Wilkinson/Rowan-Jack Wilkinson (6)
    DAS: Maxwell Jude Wilkinson (4)

    Benny & Tammy: Tobin, Anderson, Taliya, Idina, Charlie, Donya, SJ, RJ + Max.


    DD3: Laura Molly Wilkinson (40)
    -DexH: Elliot Jax Cooper (41)

    DS/DS/DS: Shane Craig Cooper/Foster Isreal Cooper/Niall Lachlan Cooper (21)
    DD: Arabella Leigh Cooper (17)
    DS: Caspar Alistair Cooper (16)
    DD: Avery Isabella Cooper (14)
    DD/DD: Ella Jean Cooper/Iris Maye Cooper (10)

    DBF: Nathan Jude Maloley (45)

    DSD1: Jasmine Malia Maloley (20)
    DSD2: Valentina Gracelynn Maloley (16)

    DD: Sienna Yasmine Maloley (5)
    DS: Riley Jude Maloley (3)

    Laura & Nathan: Shane, Foster, Niall, Bella, Caspar, Avery, Ella, Iris, Jas, Vale, Sienna + Riley.


    DS2: Samuel Ronald Wilkinson (39)
    -DexW1: Catherine Esmay Franks (38)

    DS: Morgan Harry Wilkinon (16)
    DS: Aiden Caleb Wilkinson (15)
    DD: Georgia Francesca Wilkinson (13)

    DexW2: Stacy Tamsin Peters (37)

    DSS1: Hudson Henry Peters (13)

    DS: Isaac Nicholas Wilkinson (11)
    DS: Hunter Simon Wilkinson (10)

    DW: Carmen Anna Wilkinson (36)

    DSD1: Alexa Cameron Thayer (18)
    -DexBF: Gareth Philip Johnson (21)
    --DD: Flora Evelyn Thayer (nb)
    DSS1: Tobias Kyle Thayer (15)
    DSD2: Edith Sophie Thayer (14)
    DSD3: Gemma Paige Thayer (12)

    DD: Gabriella Helen Wilkinson (6)
    DS: Lucas Ronald Wilkinson (5)
    DD: Leila Maggie Wilkinson (4)
    DD/DD: Sophia Leann Wilkinson/Maya Rhiannon Wilkinson (2)
    DD: Felicity Addison Wilkinson (exp)

    Sam & Carmen: Morgan, Aiden, Georgia, Isaac, Hunter, Alexa, Flora, Tobi, Edie, Gem, Gabby, Luke, Leila, Sophia, Maya + Fizzy.

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    66 year old Greer Douglass Pike and his 63 year old wife Rochelle Olivie Pike (Idlewild) had five children. Greer is a retired physician and Rochelle is a partially retired school teacher who still subs.

    The Pikes oldest son, age 42, is Harlan Elbe Pike. He and hia 40 year old wife Ava Louella (Ingersol) have 5 kids. Harleys a business consultant and Ava writes greeting cards. They have 19 year old twins daughters in college named Maelie Kate and Morganna Kinsey, they have a 17 year old son named Mitcham Kessler. Mitch is a dad now to six month old Emmy Faith, with his girlfriend Ivy Eleanor Ibez. They also have a 15 year old son named MacLean Kennan and an eleven year old daughter named Moxie Kimber.

    The Pikes next child, their 38 year old son Isley Frost is married to 40 year old Sterling Reid King. They are both investment bankers. They have five children they've adopted. There's 14 year old Remy Elisha, 10 year old Leland Ivan, 9 year old Isaiah Drasen, 6 year old Natalia Kellis, and 5 year old Gwen Isla.

    36 year old Jesslyn Grace, a mail delivery person, and her husband Everest Roman Erdrich, a dentist, have quints, all girls, age 11. Their names are Shaelyn Romalie, Quincee Paige, Olive Naima, McKinleigh Lacy, and Kennedy Joy

    32 year old Kristoff Huxley Pike, a pro snowboarder, is married to 34 year old exotic dancer Raven Ursula (Palmer). They have three children - 5 year old Gable Hyatt, 3 year old Penn Ellis, and 1 year old Xander Jace.

    Kris has twin daughters with his first ex wife, Bekkah who was a waitress. They're 11 and their names are Shennan Danielle and Sienna Darcie.

    Kris has a son, now 10, with his 2nd wife Tamsin, an actress. His name is Marco Allan

    Raven also has two boya from her marriage to reality tv star Dex. They are 11 and 9 and their names are Rustin Lowell and Fraser Zane

    The youngest Pike - Llewellyn Ian is 31, a butcher, and married to his high school sweet heart, a yoga instructor named Laurelie Ashlyn (Kelly). They have triplets - age 8 - named Vienna Wren, Xavier Zachary, and Amaria Blythe. They also have a 4 year old son named Casey Dean and a newborn son named Ephraim Finn

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    DH: Josiah Cade Mercer (68)
    DW: Elena Marie (68)

    DS1: Baylor Kayse Mercer (48)
    DW: Hannah Elise (47)
    --DS1: Austin Drew (24)
    --DD: Kailey Saige (1)
    --DS2: Rylan Sawyer (21)
    --DD1: Jaxyn Faith (17)
    --DD2/DD3: Skylynn James & Atley Anastasia (14)
    DS2: Leyton Cole Mercer (45)
    DW: Mila Presley (43)
    --DS1: Lucian Xavier (21)
    --DS2: Levi Cruz (20)
    --DD1: Laikyn Rydel (19)
    --DD2: Lyric Mallorie (14)
    --DD3: Lorelei Rae "Lyla" (9)
    DD1: Layla Jane Bolton (42)
    DH: Luca Rhys (42)
    --DS1/DD1/DS2: Hudson Kai, Hadlie Grace, & Holden Cade (15)
    --DS3: Hunter Joseph (11)
    --DD2: Harper Jane (7)
    DS3: Hayes Alexander Mercer (38)
    EX-DW: Rayna Claire (37)
    --DS1: Jude Matthias (13)
    DW: Allie Hope (36)
    --Step-DS2: Declan Ross (11)
    --DD1: Liana Jane (8)
    --DD2/DD3: Alena Mae & Alora Elle (4)
    DD2: Avalon Reese Westyn (33)
    DH: Jaeger Joseph (34)
    --DD1: Sutton Avery (6)
    --DD2: Maesyn Adele (4)
    --DD3: Everly Alyssa (3)
    --DS1: Riker Jett (2)
    --DS2: Roman Jaxx (Adopted) (NB)

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    Me: Florence Emma Collier
    DH: Charles Edward Collier

    DD (39): Clemence Emma "Clem"
    DD (37): Cate Darcy
    DD (34): Blair Rose
    DS (31): Jonathan Cedric
    DD (29): Sybil Anna

    DD (39): Clemence Emma Madden "Clem"
    DH (38): Holden Carter Madden

    DD/DD (10): Ainsley Beatrice / Aria Jamie
    DS (8): Asher Holden
    DS (5): Alec Trey
    DS (4): Aubrey Charles
    DD (2): Autumn Libby

    DD (37): Cate Darcy Collier

    ex-DH (46): Harris Colt Irvine
    stepDS (23): Cormac Harris
    DD (18): Addison Cathryn
    -DBF (21): Chase Mason Walker
    --DS (1): Landon Joseph

    ex-DH (39): Drake Justin Malone
    stepDD (20): Lila Hannah
    stepDD (19): Jillian Maisie "Jill"
    DD (14): Kayla Morgan

    DH (41): Vince Justice Weaving
    DS (6): Milo Corbin

    DD (34): Blair Rose Collier-Evans
    DW (38): Anna Erin Collier-Evans

    DAS (14): Alcott James
    DAS (11): Keats Judson
    DAD (10): Lenora Jacqueline "Len"
    DAS (7): Milan Jones
    DAD (2): Temple Jennifer

    DS (31): Jonathan Cedric Collier
    DW (30): Darya Pauline Collier

    DS/DS/DS (6): Lysander Noah / Flannery Clark / Benedict Knox
    DS (4): Seamus Cole
    DS (3): Olsen Boston
    DS (1): Lochlan Eames
    DD (exp): Elizaveta Willow

    DD (29): Sybil Anna Bridges
    DH (30): Carson Rowan Bridges

    DS (8): River Isaac
    DD (6): Ivy Emmeline
    DD/DD (3): Seraphine Rosie / Quinn Evangeline
    DS(1): Rory Callum
    Florence, med student, writer and name lover.

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