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    Sibling for Freddie

    I'm back to the incomparable Nameberry for ideas and help in creating a list of possible names for our second child. My husband and I are going to start trying soon, which lead us to discussing names. My mind went completely blank! I feel like we blew it all out naming the first one, I'm not even sure where to start now.

    I need help deciding if we should go with the same "formula" for the second which is Family name for the first name + Meaningful Irish name for the middle. Or do we do something else like Irish first name, virtue middle name... ?? Should I stick with the era of the first name... ?? I'm just completely lost.

    Frederick Lochlainn is my son's name.

    For girls I was thinking:

    Francesca nn Frankie
    Maguire (Which was our "if it's a girl" name the first time around. Her nn would be Maggie. We thought it was a way to do Irish, but still be somewhat unique. Plus it sounded like Morgan, a name I LOVE but can't use.)

    For girl middles I have:


    My husband likes boys names for girls. *insert all eyerolls here* But that's why I thought maybe Frankie would be cute. I was trying to think of other long, extravagant girl's names that had short, cute masculine nicknames, but am coming up short there. I don't love Danielle(a) or Wilhelmina. Or Harriett... Plus, I don't want to name a sweet little girl Harry. Uhg. I don't know. There's always Charlie, I suppose.

    For boys combo first and middles I have:

    Albert nn Albie
    Charles nn Charlie
    August nn Gus
    Henry nn Hank
    Harold nn Harry (would also just do a nickname name here)
    Finn / Finbar
    Bravery (which doesn't fit anywhere really, I just like it)

    I have no favorites.

    Anyone have any suggestions?? Help!!

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    Psalm 23

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    You have wonderful naming sense, I'm sure you'll come up with something great when the time comes, don't worry!
    ...based on your list a few that came to mind...

    Marguerite or Marjorie nn Madge
    Henrietta nn Hattie or Etta
    Josephine nn Josie or Jo

    Tobias nn Toby
    Vincent nn Vince
    Arthur nn Archie

    I wouldn't do Frankie and Fred personally because they seem too similar...
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    Thanks for the input! I see what you both mean by Frankie being too close to Freddie. I'll likely take that off of my list.

    Albert Finn is on my list. Archie, unfortunately, is our dog's name. We kick ourselves all of the time for not saving it! Vinnie is my nephew's name. Harry Walter is adorable, and I love Angus, too. And how cute is Imogen Greer!? Love. Thank you!!

    Keep the suggestions coming!! You guys are the best!

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    Some more ideas for girl names with boy nicknames:

    Aurora nn Rory
    Sybil nn Billie
    Theodora nn Theo
    Matilda nn Mattie
    Augusta nn Gus
    Leonora nn Leo
    Philippa nn Pip

    My favourites from your boys list are Albert, Charles, August, Hamish, Walter, Theodore, and Harry. For the middle name, I like the idea of using another Irish name or a virtue name (Bravery would be a cool middle).

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