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    Name the Babies G2R2

    Family 1:
    Callum and Iris found the perfect name for little Arbor 3 years ago, and are now expecting again, a boy! They want him to have a more unusual nature name like Arbor, and an Irish name that is easy to pronounce and isnt too out there.

    DD: Arbor Delaney (little.lottie710) (3)

    Family 2:
    Isabelle and Alexander have graduated from high school and are in college now. They get to seen Landon, who is now 2, once a month. Isabelle and Alexander have not been very careful lately, and she is pregnant again! They decide to focus on school and Christie and Mark offer to adopt again. Isabelle is having another boy and she has chosen the middle name Miles for one of his middle names.

    DAS (adopted by Christie and Mark): Landon Gray Luke (ellastark) (2)
    DAS (adopted by Christie and Mark): ______ _______ Miles or _____ Miles _______

    Family 3:
    Little Vienna is now 4 and Charlie and Aurora want to give her a little sibling. Well, to their surprise, they give her two! A little brother and a little sister! They should both have place names as their first names and their middle names should have the same meaning.

    DD: Vienna Nell (opheliaflora) (4)

    Family 4:
    3 months after Bronte and Jack adopted little Astrid, they found out that Bronte was pregnant! They decided to keep the gender a secret. They want an unusual first name with a middle name that is from a movie.

    DAD: Astrid Karolina (minisia) (1)

    Family 5:
    Averie and Jaykob have been very busy with the triplets, but now that they are in kindergarten, Averie misses having a baby around. They are now expecting a little girl! Her name should be common and spelled right and classic. Her middle should be feminine and frilly.

    DS/DS/DS: Alexander Emmett, Gabriel Ethan, and James Edward (ellastark) (5)

    Family 6:
    Finn and Adelaide finally compromised with a surname-y first name and a cool middle name for little Harlan Levi. He is now 3 and they want him to have siblings. Adelaide is pregnant with a girl! They are having trouble deciding again! Finn loves the names Sophia Rosabel or Madison Luna while Adelaide likes names like Gwenore Imogen or Serephina Pearl.

    DS: Harlan Levi (minisia) (3)

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