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  • Beau

    38 38.78%
  • Finn

    45 45.92%
  • Tate

    15 15.31%
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    Struggling to choose a boys name! Help Needed Please!! :))

    Hey, our baby boy is due in a couple of months and we have really struggled with picking out boys names!! There are only a few we have fallen in love with, and I really want to love the name (as i do with my daughter's; which is Poppy).

    We both love Beau but I worry that it could lead to bullying as there are so many nicknames that can be used with this name? Such a shame as its both of our favourite! Close 2nd and 3rd are Finn and Tate. I like them because they aren't too over-used, but at the same time I don't think they are too weird or unusual. I know Finn is becoming more popular over the last few years, whereas I don't think Tate is used much at all.

    Please vote your fave let me know if you have any further comments that may help with our decision making!! Thanks!! :-) X

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    I voted for Finn, but I prefer it as a nickname for Finnian.
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    Finn is my favorite from the list. I like the sound of Poppy and Finn as a sibling set.

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    1 Finn - A spunky name that goes well with a sister named Poppy. I like the connection between the siblings with the double letters.

    2 Beau - a little calmer and sedate compared to Finn but I like it with Poppy.

    3 Tate - Ok but it doesn't excite me as much as the other two do.
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    If you "both love Beau," you should choose this name. I think it's a great sibset with Poppy.

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