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    Question sibling for Gabriella Claire

    My daughter's name is Gabriella Claire (nn Ella or Ella Claire). My husband and I had no problem deciding on her name because we both loved it so much. We do not know whether we are having a boy or a girl, so we are considering the following names. What do you all think?


    Alexandra or Alexandria Kate (nn Landri)
    Camilla Eve (nn Cammie)
    Madelyn Sophia (nn Maddie - I love it, but husband is not so keen on it)


    Everett James
    Elijah Brandt (nn Eli -- too close to Ella? My husband loves this name)

    I am open to other suggestions for first and middle names as well. Thanks.

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    From your list I like: Alexandra Kate and Elijah James
    Other options that sound good with Gabriella Claire are Caroline Mary and Georgina May
    You seems to like "E" names for boys, I also like Edward and Ernest

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    I like both of those. I also really like Carolina (pronounced Cara-lee-na), but I haven't sold my husband on that one yet.

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    From your list I like Camilla Eve the best for girls. I think it goes beautifully with Gabriella

    Ella and Eli are really close. If you absolutely love it I think it would be okay, but I wouldn't do it personally.

    Cassandra Eve?

    I like Everett James.
    what about Edgar or Ephraim or maybe even Micah?
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    Cassandra is a very pretty name. Cassie for short? Edgar and Ephraim are a little too out there for me, but I do like Micah. I'm just afraid that Micah is too trendy.

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