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Thread: help us decide!

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    help us decide!

    We're trying to whittle down our girl's name list and need some input. Our last name is Clayton and she will join big bro Benjamin. Thank you!

    Willa Eileen
    Georgia Louise
    May Elizabeth
    Eileen Alair
    Anna Elizabeth

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    Constantly looking for the perfect names for my future little ones.

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    I love Willa Eileen, Willa and Benjamin sound lovely together.

    Georgia Louise is also a great combo, my sisters name is a very similar "G" name with a very similar "L" mn. They both have a very feminine, sweet sound. And Georgie & Ben is really nice too.

    I don't think May Elizabeth sounds as nice as a combination as your other options, not bad, just not as nice.
    good luck!

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    Really like the name Eileen and like the meaning of Alair but not so much the sound, I know you didn't ask for suggestions but have you heard of Amity? I also like the meaning, it is similar to that of Alair but it is more feminine sounding to me and I think it goes well with Eileen if not too matchy.
    Willa Eileen - Not so fond of the name Willa, it doesn't seem complete although I don't like the name Wilhelmina. Willow is nice..
    Georgia Louise - This one I quite like and although I don't usually like made up spellings I think I prefer Jorja. That sophisticated, older style is not one of my favourites.
    May Elizabeth - I like this because May balances it out..Georgia Louise sounds quite dated to me but May is still in
    Anna Elizabeth - Not so into this one.

    Unfortunately not so much my style lol but there are some nice names in there. Each to their own I of luck with your name choosing..and I love the name Benjamin by the way!
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    I would choose from one of these 3:
    Willa Eileen - Willa is nice and sounds good with Benjamin.
    Georgia Louise - best flow to my ears.
    Anna Elizabeth - classic, Anna Clayton sounds good.

    May rhymes with Clay, and Eileen Alair is a bit funny sounding to me. It kind of smooshes into Eileenalair when I say it.
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