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    In my country there is also a law. You can only give your children a max. of 2 names, they have to be spelled on one of the official languages in the country, and the names can't be offensive or a brand (unless it's something like Mercedes that it's a real name). If there is doubts about the name being real, you have to prove it. It has to be a REAL name. Nicknames aren't allowed.

    Of course, all of that depends of the person who has to aprove it. Recently, some are letting people use names like Noah or Francis who aren't names written like one of the official names in the country.

    Honestly, the law leaves people lots of freedom to choose the name they like, but they also make sure the kid gets a real name that can also be unique and original.

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    I think that it would be wonderful if there were some laws, excluding names like Princess and Rainbow, and "uniquely" spelled names such as Mmaddesynne or Allyzebbethe. I wish people would stick to a legitimate spelling. If they want to give their child an uncommon name, name them a name with an uncommon sound. If someone yells "Madison", Madison, Maddysin, and Madysunne are all going to think someone's talking to them. Whereas, if someone shouts "Rosamund" or some other uncommon name, then there's only one. (And I'm rambling. So I'm going to stop.)
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    I used to think they were a good idea. Recently though, I seriously started considering converting to Wicca. Limiting names would limit Pagen names.

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