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    Quote Originally Posted by lesliemarion View Post
    of the United States of America: freedom of speech, freedom to be tacky, freedom to deviate from the norm.

    No one wants to see a child named Nazi or Diarrhea, but I'd rather live in a society with freedom than without.
    I completely agree. I understand in countries that are preserving culture/history/language etc., but here in the US it would be inappropriate and likely abused. As "open" as we are, there would be repercussions for whatever cultural groups Americans are afraid of at the moment. I love my country but we don't have best record of acceptance when we have a particular group that we find scary for whatever political thing is happening at the moment. It could very much effect large groups of people in this mixed salad that is the USA.

    Misspelled names aren't worth that restriction here. That's why our system is set up so we can change our name if we want. For example a friend of ours who had a sex change and changed his name to align with who he is.
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    I'm totally against a naming law and definitely agree that there would be more problems than good coming from it, especially in the US.

    I don't own my child but I definitely have the responsibility to raise, care, and provide for her needs so I definitely deserve the right to decide on her name no matter how atrocious it may be to anyone else.

    Very interesting conversation. I read the entire thing.

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    I'm all for naming laws, there are a few parents here I want to just smack them and be like what the heck were you thinking? Were you on drugs at the time? Seriously the names people get away with in America.... drives me crazy, it's like they hate their children.

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    Though I may find many names these days to be nothing short of silly (I'm looking at you, Neveah) and there are certain things I despise, like last names for first names (what happens if your daughter Carsen marries someone with the last name Carsen?)- ultimately I recognize that these things are within my own taste range, and that putting strict laws on the names people can give their children is widely based on opinion. Even the 'it could cause harm to the child' excuse is ultimately an excuse- you can't put a law on someone's name just because people are too lazy to teach their kids not to be bullies. Ultimately, just because I think a name is tacky or trashy doesn't mean I can pass a law. I'm going to be honest, in my own personal experience I've known more people to change their names because of religious reasons than because their names were considered tacky or trashy. And guess what? When you're 18 you can change your shitty name.

    TL;DR you can't restrict other people's rights because of personal opinions. That's a very 1984 way of doing things.

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    Ugh this conversation made me ashamed to be an American and I hope the international berries don't judge us all accordingly! I cannot believe people are defending the idea that children are property and that they should not have the rights until they are 18. I also cannot believe that people don't recognize that other countries are free, in fact many countries have much more freedom than the US these days.

    Unfortunately, the NSA stuff is legal. It's even portrayed on Homeland for gosh sakes. It's called the Patriot Act, another unfortunate reality of post-9/11 America, that was put into place by the Bush Administration (and none of the "Tea Partiers" got up in arms about it then).

    I also want to clarify that the rights in the US Constitution are not "endowed by God." If you believe that, than you do not understand the Comstitution. The majority of the founding fathers were not religious and having laws based on "God" actually violates the separation of church and state.

    Many of the problems the US is facing has to do with the lack of government power and one of the most concerning trends, which is relevant to this conversation is the lack of investment in our future. Spending is $7 for every $1 spent on youth. The unemployment rate for young adults is sky high, schools are in decline and American children are falling further and further behind, and the government is making billions off our students. Perhaps if the US decided that all children deserve the right to dignity, by not being named Diarreah or 5@d!e, it would be a good start.

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