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    I love Willow!

    I also think Scarlett and Sage go nicely with Indi

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    I would not use Parker, only because of your last name.

    Willow is nice and definitely matches Indi's name.

    If you like Piper, you might like Philippa or Pippa.
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    I love all three names. But I prefer Windom to willow. It's less popular.

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    Finley - unisex, ok with an -er last name.
    Elodie is one of my faves but sounds strange with my name.
    Cosi, short for any number of french or italian names.

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    I really like the suggestion of Autumn with Indi. I also think that Meadow would go really well. As for middles, here are a few suggestions:

    Piper Rose
    Willow Jane
    Luna Margaret
    Autumn Joy
    Meadow Anne

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