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    Name the Babies G2R1

    Family 1
    Callum Matthew and his wife, Iris Quinn met in highschool in their biology class. Her first name should be nature related, as Cal and Iris are very outdoorsy and they met in Bio. Her middle should honor her irish roots, but should not be unheard of.


    Family 2:
    Alexander Dylan and Isabelle Elliot were your perfect high school football-player-cheerleader-couple. They have been together since their freshman year, and now that they are about to graduate, Isabelle found out she is pregnant! They have decided that they cannot keep the baby, but have opted for an open adoption. Their baby boy is going to Mark and Christie, and they are ecastic! Although Mark and Christie are choosing his first name and one of his middle names, they are letting Isabelle choose hissecond middle name. Isabelle has chosen Luke because she loves the short and masculine feel of it. What do Mark and Christie choose?


    Family 3:
    Charleston Carter and Aurora Jane just got married, and on their wedding night, find out that Aurora is expecting! They want their little girl to have a place name first name like both of them, and a name that honors Charlies mother, Isobel Helen, who recently passed away from breast cancer.


    Family 4:
    Bronte Rosalind and her husband Jack Bennett have been trying for a year to conceive. They decide to adopt since Bronte and a few of her siblings were also adopted. They have chosen to adopt a downs syndrome girl from Russia. They want her first name to be unusual or from literature. Her middle should be Russian.


    Family 5:
    Averie Caydence and her fiance, Jaykob Tiler just got the shock of their lives, she is pregnant with TRIPLET boys! They have always resented their "kr8ive" spelt names, and want names that are classic and timeless, and spelled right for all three boys. Averie wouldl like the boys to have themed names, but Jaykob hates themes unless they are very subtle.


    Family 6:
    Finn Jeremiah has known his wife, Adelaide Alice since they were in diapers. They have been married for 3 years and are ready to start a family. They are expecting a little boy, but have one problem... they cannot agree on any names! Finn likes names that are more popular and have a cool middle name like, Mason Cash or Liam Seth while Adelaide likes less common names such as Fisher Lyle or Kellan Thayer. Help them find a good mix!


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