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Thread: Audrey vs Hazel

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    Audrey vs Hazel

    Which do you prefer and why??

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    Neither of these are my style, but I think I prefer Hazel. Maybe this is because after living in the south I've heard some pretty weird pronunciations of Audrey. (people with southern accents can really struggle with that "au" -- mostly going for an "owdry" like prn). That's obviously a very personal point though.

    I like the idea of Hazel and it has a lot of positive nature connotations, as well as actually being an established name.

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    South East England
    Audrey; she's elegant and sounds very old school Hollywood glamour. She also sounds very regal.

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    I love Hazel, it has a nice nature meaning. I also love that it has the letter z in it which somehow always makes a name more exciting! It's pretty and elegant and I can imagine it suiting any personality.

    Audrey however, I have an irrational hatred for. I think in this country Audrey is still pretty much in the old lady only category, at least it is for me, sorry. I also don't really like the 'Aud' sound
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    I much prefer Audrey. I like her elegant beauty, her regal and saintly history and the strong association with the lovely actress and humanitarian Audrey Hepburn. I like vintage names but Hazel isn't a fave of mine.
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