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Thread: Dimity?

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    Dimity is cute,

    though I might name her something that sounds more serious like Dorothea and call her Dimity.

    DimT sounds like a rapper, so I wouldn't use that unless that were the effect I wanted!

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    I'd steer clear of the "dim" syllable, especially in first place. Amity instead?

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    There's a minor character in Gone With the Wind (the novel, I don't think she's in the movie) named Dimity. I always thought it sounded sweet, dainty, and Southern, though a bit too cutesy for my taste.
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    There is a news reported called Dimity over here. While I prefer Amity myself, Dimity has the same feel and I really like the sound of the name, it's defiantly usable

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    My first thought was "like the fabric? That's cool." So I like it and find it usable, but I can see how it would make a better nn than full name. Dorothy nn Dimity is a great suggestion.
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