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Thread: Dimity?

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    Cool Dimity?

    I am a long term lurker on here, and pregnant with my second baby.
    I would love some Nameberries' opinions on Dimity as a girl's name, I love it. And I love the nickname DimT. But I notice it is not actually listed on here. Have my pregnancy hormones sent me mad....
    Thank you!

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    I've never heard of it. Try Amity instead.

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    I feel like you're gonna get a lot of opposition to that first syllable.
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    Amity is better IMO, I think Dimity might end up with a lot of "Dim" based nicknames
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    I'm just infinitely relieved I misread it as Dimitry.
    Dimity... like, with the same cadence as Timothy? Where does it come from? I don't want to discount it if there's a history for it, but I have to say, people are going to say "Dimitry?" time and time again.
    What about Demitra, Demitria or Demeter with the nn Dimi?
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