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    Joan; a family tradition

    Hi all,

    My grandmother, mother and I all share the middle name Joan. Now I'm pregnant with a little girl, there is expectation that I will carry on this family name.

    My husband and I have decided on the first name Eva. What are your thoughts on Eva Joan?

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    Eva Joan is not bad. I do think it would better if the second choice was longer. They are both very short names. But its not terrible.

    With all that said, even though traditions can be nice....that doesn't mean you HAVE to use Joan as a middle. It is your child. You have to be happy with it. No one else.

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    I think 2-1 is fine. Eve Joan would be not good but a 2-syllable name is long enough to balance a 1-syllable middle.

    The sheer number of Ava Graces in the world at this point makes me think Eva Joan is fine.

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    Eva Joan is just fine. If you focus on sound, as stripedsocks pointed out, then it carries the right rhythm between the two. Just looks short on paper!

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    I would add a second middle to even out the shortness. It is a nice tradition to uphold, though.
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