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Thread: Dimity?

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    Although it isn't my style, I'm pretty neutral on Dimity. I much prefer Amity, but I can see Dimity being usable. I'm not so sure on the nickname DimT however, it just sounds like you are calling her Dim T, not a really positive nickname IMO.

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    In theory, it's beautiful, but the Dim- part lets it down.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cimorhinelea View Post
    I'm surprised that so many people have less than positive things to say about this name. I love the it! I went to high school with a girl called Dimity, nn Mim, and she never had any problems with the "dim" first syllable that I know of. It didn't come across as an odd name at all.
    I love the nickname Mim! I don't think I would have thought of that. I like it even more now.

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    At first I misread it as Dimitry, so she'll have to deal with that for the rest of her life. Then I though of 'dimity dumbity'. Then I followed one of the links and found:
    My name is Dimity and growing up I absolutely hated it! I used to get dim-dam-dumb, dim stick, dip stick, dimity wimity (When I was 7 I wanted to change it to Natalie…lol) thank god I didn’t because now I can appreciate that it’s different and unique! Plus everyone says it’s ‘pretty’ or unusual but in a good way.
    She grew to like it but it could've gone either. Really, once we're out of grade school people have enough tact not to make fun of someone's name (to their face) so of course she won't hear much negativity as an adult.

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    Glad to help with the Mim thing... It's a shame that that pther girl didn't have such a nice time... But I really don't think it's as bad as everyone is making out. I really think it's very usuable. And Mim is so sweet for a little girl right into adulthood.

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